⏩CAN’T Believe THESE Shorts SOLD So FAST On EBAY! (Menswear BOLOS!)⏩


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Today, I review the last 3 Clothing Items that I sold on Poshmark and Ebay! Below you can see what I paid for them, when I bought them, where I bought them, and how much they sold for. This includes free shipping. International shipping is added to the sale price when applicable. I use average pricing in my accounting for each individual haul at each specific thrift store I visit. If I spent $47.00 at a thrift store for 12 items, then that means I spent $3.916 per item.

💰Nike Women’s Pullover Medium Paid $7.785 on 07.03.19 at Goodwill, Sold for $40 on Poshmark on 07.23.19

💰Hickey Freeman Windowpane Sport Coat Paid $11.415 on 01.27.19 at SPCA Rummage Store in Charlottesville, Sold for $120 on Poshmark on 07.23.19

💰Hylete Large Black Training Shorts Paid $5.143 on 07.03.19 at Goodwill, Sold for $35 on Ebay on 07.24.19

Total Paid $24.343
Total Sold $195

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Jim Butler is The Curated Clothier, an e-commerce entrepreneur who has been reselling mens clothing on Ebay since 2013. He covers thrift hauls, what he actually sold on ebay, actual metrics from his business, and tons of free tips on how to resell mens clothing online.

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16 thoughts on “⏩CAN’T Believe THESE Shorts SOLD So FAST On EBAY! (Menswear BOLOS!)⏩

  1. 📲 Well, at least I got to wear that #ErmenegildoZegna polo shirt ONCE before it sold…a few HOURS later for $45 on #Ebay! 📲

  2. 💯 How’s it going?! Love the video!! You deserve more subscribers, I think you should check followsm (.) com! Ever since I started using it on my other channel my videos are ranking much higher in the search results!

  3. I watch the videos mostly for the information. Constantly learning something new. 30 years ago when we owned a video rental store I used to travel around Florida selling VHS tapes to other small stores. I made a little extra money and a few friends doing this but the information shared between us on ways to improve our rental store businesses was priceless. Today, business models have evolved. Hopefully, from the information we share, we are all benefiting.

  4. Love how you continuously give off terms that we might not otherwise know when you're showing your items. Thanks again, Jim. 🙂

  5. Well Jim… I had your voice giving me directions when I was “sourcing” today, but I also think “Tommy for your mommy,” when I spot anything Hilfiger… I could really use a video on ironing and folding shirts to get that professional look that I truly in your listings. Would mean buying an iron, ugh. Also, why don’t you do the 29.99 listing price instead of $30 since it has been proven to work? Finally,, if you can outgrow the effeminate “Poshmark” thing at some point, it would make your videos a whole lot less….cringe worthy. And me, a fellow Virgo, who is much better at critiquing a master than becoming a master herself!

  6. I love ❤️ when things sell really quick! I’m feeling really excited bc I put up a shirt and an hour later it was sold! It was vintage – no name! No back and forth either!!

  7. Jim… what I have noticed is that those rarer color sport coats (especially with decent brands) tend to do much better. Those red, light blue or even green (maybe other colors too) sport coats sell very well!

  8. that feeling you get when someone just hits 'buy it now' :without the back & forth haggling …Priceless lol

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