❌LEAK: Why you think HONG KONG Protesters are Peaceful

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40 thoughts on “❌LEAK: Why you think HONG KONG Protesters are Peaceful

  1. If this is true China would let Hong Kong dictate it's self and keep it part of China. China the UK and America are working together. They need to. They are keeping up the lie that they are enemies but really they are allies. Follow the money. If they where not allies they won't not share money and resources. They would be like North Korea. China would develop on its own without theft of IP. In fact it was the west that gave china the IP. They sold it to them because of their greed and inequality. Sure the West has it's own traitors. These are the people working with China, selling and making money from China. Democracy does exist because the west does as they please by being traitors and working with China. There's a lot more going on than you can image. The world is a game of chess. I am so many steps ahead of you that you still haven't worked out my end move. Peace to world. Love mother earth. One world many systems.

  2. 我在fb上支持中国,他们把我封号了,在ins上说这是一场暴乱,他们把我禁言了。。。。这就是西方的言论自由

  3. China desperately needs a western/narcissistic mindset on board to understand the plot before it's too late. I am not for China but I am for victims and against bullies. I believe that world peace can only achieved when there're no bullies. Hat off to you Nathan.

  4. What I thought before exactly what you talk today. After I moved to Canada and knew the truth, I was shacked and I am waking up!
    Today, the key issue is not between the other counties and China but the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese people! In the past 70 years, the CCP killed hundreds of millions of people without a war. Do you believe that?! Please Please look for the truth firstly!

  5. 1.4 billion Chinese are controlled by several CCP power families. They are not only plundering the huge property from Chinese but also destroy and corrode the economic and political systems of Western countries. 2, At the same time, the use of future stock markets in Hongkong and other criminal means to steal the wealth of people around the world. They dream that their family interests can further control the world.3,3. The U.S. and other Western governments should promptly inspect the overseas family members of the CCP officials including Hong Kong and freeze their illegal assets, investigate their money laundering crimes, extract living organs, and other crimes against humanity.

  6. Please stop to foolish people and yourself if you are a normal human. Please look for the truth. Whateve CCP pay how much for you, Please please please wake up!Please please please do good thing for people, for this beautiful world . Because we are the children of God.

  7. Even though, you said al l about the US or UK is true, Please do not forget that the 1.4Billion Chinese People have a good lives under the CCP today ?! A Chinese mother killed her three children because the Gov. took away one hundred dollars each year and she was not able to take care her family. These things happen everyday in China.The truth is in China , a few powerful families is controlling all of China . The banks belong to them. 1.4Billion bodies belong to them because they will kill they and take away their orgeans if it is necessary. Do you want I continue?! These powerful families including Jin zgemun Wan qisan and so on own billions and billion dollars overseas. And they also have thousands children over the world try to control the world include you and your family.

  8. Hi Nathan, there is the simplest and obvious way to show that youtube is decreasing ur view count. The like number is 30k while the view count is 26k. its hilarious

  9. 好多香港人 可能 忘記了的事情:1963年,香港陷入供水危機,4天才能用水4小時的情況下,也只能夠香港人用水43日。各行各業停工裁員,20萬人被迫遠走他方,全港350萬市民生活陷入困境,香港成為一座死城。為救香港市民,中國大陸全民救港,用船運水解救,及用76億人民幣(1963年是中 國大飢荒年,76億人民幣可以買多少糧食?可以救多少大陸人?),及四萬多人用了11個月,當時大陸沒有機器,靠人雙手,鑿山劈嶺,架管牽線,將水源地-東莞市橋頭鎮的東江河水的水位提高了46米,使之倒流83公里而進入深圳水庫。再經過3.5公里長的輸水涵管,輸入香港。全程86.5公里長。中國大陸為了保證香港的供水,即使東江大旱時,東莞、深圳自己的水不夠用了,大陸也一直優先保證香港。1998年香港經濟危機,美國索羅斯發動貨幣戰爭狙擊香港,大陸動用1280億美元的外匯儲備救了香港。免糟滅頂之災1950至1963是大陸大飢荒,餓死至少4180萬人的情況下,也供應充足糧食給香港,只有大陸無條件幫香港,英國美國會落井下石,睇住你哋互相殘殺,作賤自己,坐享漁人之利,不懂感恩真可悲,唇寒齒亡啊【流泪】,以上歷吏可查证。转自B站网友。

  10. 自由就是为所欲为嘛,跟小白帽那个穆斯林就是可以为所欲为如出一辙。港独真的让很多中国人认清了西方各大媒体平台的嘴脸,认清了西方所谓的民主自由。

  11. This kind of video speaks what I want to convey to those online
    I’m thankful for my education in Singapore and understand why revolution happens. The west is so toxic, covering its backside and writing history. China, the east has so many intellectual, silent people, doing things when it needs to be done. It teaches so many things. Morals from Confucianism, being human and most importantly to accept. Humans are all bark no bite. You say equality I say lies. You say democracy is freedom, I say this is total bs. Freedom doesn’t fully exist.
    But what has the western media done? Lies? Fake news? One sided? Speaking about how fking great their lives are even though they have politicians who like walls. I’m not saying SG is awesome and it’s political and economical structure is still going strong, I’m saying that education and availability to proper and “accurate” media, to observe and decide what to believe matters more than petty people who like having colonial masters
    Because the problem is with trust in humanity, when one shouldnt

  12. 如果西方著名的社交平台,新闻媒体不限制中国人的声音,中国人的声音会把它们埋没!当权者会睡不着觉的,会怕被“革命”!也正是为什么在国外的人会爱国的原因之一,因为他们看到西方社交媒体的虚伪!

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