🚌MSRTC Shivsahi ac seater💺| Bangalore-Mumbai | Full bus review | Bus Vlog | Naveen kumar

Nobody has done this…but I did it…reviewing a MSRTC bus for the first time in tamil…Do watch and support…Hope my bus family likes the video…
Bangalore departure-4.00pm
Reaching Mumbai-8.00am

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21 thoughts on “🚌MSRTC Shivsahi ac seater💺| Bangalore-Mumbai | Full bus review | Bus Vlog | Naveen kumar

  1. By seeing msrtc shivshahi u made my day please make travel video in that bro and this bus reaches to mumbai by 12.30pm in the afternoon mentioned in their website not 8am or 9am u said

  2. Thanks for reviewing Msrtc Shivshahi bus from Bangalore to Mumbai. The name "Shivshahi" written on outside panel of the bus is in Marathi language not hindi language

  3. This bus is on contract not Msrtc owned. Most of the shivshahi buses owned by Msrtc are more well maintained than this one

  4. Bro this is on contract bus not own bus of msrtc and unsafe bus driven by private drivers more number of accident are caused by this no maintenance Ac will not work /TV un save buses of msrtc please rewiu setc mg leera

  5. All MSRTC buses will have that much of dust from outside when I went travelled from Pune to Shirdi I saw most of the public buses were not well maintained.You cannot compare any of the buses with KSRTC (Karnataka) they are awesome

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