29 thoughts on “1 oz Gold American Buffalo coin review

  1. my personal 'top four' is the Buff, Maple, Britannia and the Eagle…Gold is hypnotic and if offered a 1 ounce Gold coin or a roll in the hay with a model…i'd take the coin ! just sayin'

  2. Getting a fancy looking slab for the cost of a capsule is fine by me, it just takes more room and wouldn't match my other capsuled coins.

  3. Well the main thing to me is you got a 1 ounce gold coin that you can sell if you ever need money quick. It's a little harder to get rid of a 1 ounce at your LCS . Well mine anyway. He only likes to get stuff under a half ounce. Just because he says it takes to long to sell 1 ounce gold coins.

  4. BTW, there seems to be a lot of sales @ the Online Retailers and eBay on GOLD.
    The price of Au keeps going down ↓
    Do these "retailers" know something that we don't know about ?
    Is GOLD gonna fall further and are they "unloading" their inventory to avoid losing too much ?

  5. Great coin my friend! I love the design on this coin true to Frasiers original intentions not even captured on the type I Bufallo nickel.

  6. Hi Wolv. Great pick-up. The JEF design is also my favorite. However, right now, I am very enamored with a 1/2 oz. Reverse Proof Libertad that I picked up. I am a Libertad fanatic. Good luck!

  7. One of the most iconic coins of all time. Mr. Fraser had it right in his image for the nickel. Luckily for him as a young boy he was exposed to many of the American Indians and their culture. Fascinated by this, he carried that interest over to his sketching. Aside from the buffalo nickel, I also enjoy his Oregon Trail commemorative. This was designed by him and his wife. I really want to pick up a reverse proof gold buffalo sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That is my favorite gold bullion round. that is my favorite all time design I wish to God that would’ve been the quarter design instead of a nickel.

    That’s because I don’t collect nickels.

  9. Dude you lost the 2.9% when you used the credit card. Right there you lost out not paying electronic check. And all BU are probably ms 69 or better. Either way I love the buffalos and I'm sure you're glad you have one. Credit cards are a rip though

  10. James Earle Fraser. Sounds like a good Scotsman ? Hoot man !
    James Earle Carter (President of the US from Georgia)
    James Earl Ray (killed MLK Jr.)
    James Earl Jones (actor and voice over man)
    A popular sounding name.

    "F" doesn't mean it was made at the mint at “Frostbite Falls, Minnesota”, the hometown of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    Do we know which mint made this (or all) Gold Buffalo ?

  11. Great Purchase silver wolverine! I also have that coin! Awesome coin! Thanks for sharing!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. BEAUTIFUL 😍. I understand keeping Gold in off site storage, it’s soo hard because I want to stare at them. I also agree with slabs, the ones I have are only because they were EBC buys.

  13. Congrats again 🙂 I know some people where trying to break down the math and saying you over paid… but I always laugh at those ppl… if u only over payed 30-90 on a gold coin… I am quite confident you get that back with spot in the near future!… all that matter is you have an oz of gold! Winning all the way around 🙂

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