19 thoughts on “2019 NEW MARTIN DR JUNIOR D-R-10 Guitar review in Singapore

  1. Your videos are great because it's easy to see how much you love music. 🙂 It's always fun to watch your videos Jarvis.

  2. Hi Jarvis,
    An amazing review you are so talented!
    I really enjoy your reviews and your playing ability is flawless. Wish I could meet you and listen you you live. Why don’t,t you start giving on line lessons? I bet you could really teach so many people with your fantastic communications skills!
    You are the best,
    Brad from Long Island NY

  3. Watching you play and have so much fun makes me happy. I have the original DJR and I love the warmth it has. For an all solid body guitar, I got it for such a good price from City Music. No regrets!

  4. haha
    Plays 3 lines of Shallow

    Youtube: COWABUNGA IT IS

    So, the Taylor is laminate and the Martin is solid Sapele. Just gonna take a stab in the dark and suggest that is the main reason the Dread Jr sounds better..?

  5. 1 3/4 inch nut width? So rare it seems to find on these smaller parlor/travel guitars…I want one and want it now…the change over from my Country Jumbo size with 1 3/4 inch would be minimal to none with this guitar.

  6. Jarvis bro! So good to see some new posts from you. I bought the original D Jr. 2 (all sapele) and still have it. There is nothing second rate about that guitar and it sounds better than a different guitar I have that costs more than twice what I paid for the Martin. It is excellent in every way. This Junior D-R 10 sounds great too but I think I'm glad I bought the original before they were discontinued- the deeper body adds some nice volume and complexity. Leave it up to Martin though to create an inexpensive small bodied guitar that sounds sooo good. Of course, everything sounds great in your hands Jarvis 🙂

  7. Martin should pay you! from guitar player to guitar player, I love you bro. I can listen to you play all day your one of my favorites.

  8. I own this newer model and love it.

    I also had the action ajusted on this guitar and tried the martin authentic acoustic 80/20 strings. They feel more punchy.

    Thanks for this review!

  9. Martin has a new 16 series. Hopefully we'll see reviews from you soon on these new babies. 🙂

  10. I have been playing the first original model for a few years now and love it. It's a professional dred guitar in a smaller , more comfortable size without compromising sound. How does this newer model compare with the older one as far as sound ( in your opinion). In this review it still sounds great, but know when playing in person it can be slightly different.

  11. Hi Jarvis ! So happy to see you. Been a long time since we've seen you. Look & sound great ! Hope all is well with you and family.

  12. Hey Jarvis! – Where have you been hiding? This is the first time in a good while you have come up on my You Tube subs. Anyway, good to see you again You're looking well. I happen to have a Martin JrE. Incredible box! Going on two years old. Is it possible it sounds better than when I first received it from the factory. I think so. Absolutely problem free. Next time I restring, I think I'm going to do the nut and saddle thing. ( Considering putting the Santa Cruz strings on…). No one – I repeat NO ONE – does a better and honest review of guitars on the planet. These DJr's are the best guitar for the money. I, personally, wouldn't even consider a Taylor mini. You're having a blast playing the all wood Martin. You make it sing Jarvis. Ahhh, the familiar sounds of The Guitar Spa. Talk to you soon man!

  13. Wonderful to see another fine review on a revised favourite.Great playing as usual.Your enjoyment of the instrument is infectious.Have you considered doing some type of teaching videos as your chord progressions are beautiful and I'm sure there would be plenty of interest into your methods.

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