23 thoughts on “2019 NEW TAYLOR GS MINI KOA Guitar review in Singapore

  1. Hey Jarvis, when replacing the Taylor ES system, would you recommend removing the under-fretboard magnetic pickup or leaving it in? Because that requires taking off the neck of the guitar 😀 Thank you!! Love your videos by the way!

  2. Hey jarvis, basically i bought my first good decent acoustic guitar with the help of your reviews on guitar, so thankful for that.. and i enjoy your sharing of wisdom👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Hi Jarvis! You are an incredible reviewer! You have played the really great deal of different guitars and they are all very nice indeed so by the way …what is your favourite one?:)

  4. Jarvis thank your wife for letting you do this video n I am glad she didn’t kill you yet haha 😂 enjoy your vacation n pay more attention to your honey. Love 💕 n Peace ☮️

  5. Hi Jarvis. I hope that you do a tutorial on your recent song "Let it Go" from the Yamaha Fg TA video from last year or so. I was able to learn most of it from watching, but a lot of the fretboard was hidden below the video frame. I love the way you played and sounded on that guitar. I have an LL TA and wanted to get the whole set of chords in its entirety. Thank you. Happy vacation time.

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