29 Pound Motor Melt Down – Casting Copper Aluminium – Stack Value & Baby Kangaroo – ASMR MELTING

Today i drop into my local scrap yard and take home a motor to breakdown melt and stack on my shelf. Also included today is my total stack weights & value as well as a little baby Kangaroo Visit. This kangaroo was found by my mate after he saw the pouch moving on his mother after she was unfortunately struck by a car, He took the Joey home and nursed it back to health and will be giving it to an animal shelter later this week . I couldnt risk my little Dog playing with the Joey as it is way too small and Ingot would get super excited and probably bowl the little joey over while trying to play.
684.48 Pounds of metal is currently on my shelves hopefully I can get to 1 tonne before it rips off the wall🤞🏻
New video every Friday so you never know what your gonna get next😉
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I released new video every Friday West Australian time👌🏻
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D Heighway
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Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia

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Petrobond sand bought from my Good Mate Bruce he is located in Australia and sells petrobond to Australian Casters his link here.

Forge supplied by my good friends over at Devil-Forge .

Motor Melt Down – Casting Copper Aluminium – Includes Total Stack Value & Baby Kangaroo Visit

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35 thoughts on “29 Pound Motor Melt Down – Casting Copper Aluminium – Stack Value & Baby Kangaroo – ASMR MELTING

  1. Hey guys if you want to do this melting stuff yourself at home I can offer 5% personal discount code off the cost of a furnace just email me on bigstackddddd@mail.com for your personalised discount 😁👍🏻

  2. How do you determine what type of metal something is? Do you eyeball it or is it just from personal knowledge. Or do you have a tool that tells you? I'm curious

  3. I think it is time we had a go fund me for @bigstackD Casting
    Let's buy him an induction heater for copper, aluminum and gold.

  4. Love the people who are like "Wow $6000 part melted down to $30 in copper" etc etc… welcome to the world of scrapping. Theres cars that cost $10,000 and some that cost $100,000. Regardless theyll both eventually be scrapped.

  5. I like your videos they are nice relaxing and satisfying especially when the metal is being melted or poured. Thank you for the good videos

  6. Hi BigstackD, very happy to discover your new video, I never get enough to see all this molten metal and all these pretty ingots. I'm thinking of doing some knuckles next time, maybe 3 or 4. Tell me, what's wrong with my videos because the views are really low. Yet it is a huge pleasure to melt copper and make objects out of it. Looking forward to next Friday, I can't wait to see your next video. See you 😉

  7. Another treat for us all with a great motor melt.. boy oh boy that little Joey is so cute… Almost as cut as INGOT.. p.s little INGOT FOR PRIME MINISTER

  8. Try melting the refrigerator compressor or the broken AC compressor into the shape of A cube Dimas from Indonesian greetings to Australia 👇👇👇👇😁😁😁

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