48 thoughts on “AA-12 – Comparison in 10 Random Video Games

  1. ACTIVISIONS:"We want to make a assault rifle. Shit. Can't find anymore. So we use AA12!"

  2. For some reason Rockstar Games set Gta EFLC's AA-12 firerate wayy slower than what it should be.
    luckily on the PC version you can edit the "weaponinfo.xml" file and fine tune the firerate to just the right rpm…
    Once you set the firerate correctly, Holy shit! it feels much better..
    It takes Luis forever to die when you running around the map with that thing! The LCPD has no chance 🙂

  3. Keep in mind that the real AA-12 has almost no recoil yet most video games portray it to have massive recoil. It was also never mass produced, so seeing it in widespread use in a military is unlikley.

  4. There shouldn't be any recoil, nor does it sound like that. Do game makers inspect the weapons they put in their games or just guess how much mag capacity, recoil, and accuracy these things have?

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