Abwhol_6 350g Bag Scottish Gold Paydirt Review (eBay Seller)

A review of Abwhol_6 (Gold Magnet LTD) Paydirt
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44 thoughts on “Abwhol_6 350g Bag Scottish Gold Paydirt Review (eBay Seller)

  1. Looks like Lynch Mining's gold. Betcha that's the source. He gets an order and divides it down and over charges. Just my thought.

  2. 3 strikes out of 4 pans your out! Thats bad… could hear it in your voice right off the bat, that it wasn't gonna be a good bag!! Great review! And
    Yeah, that is awesome. Thanx Dylan!!. gotta a Dime.. that friken made my day! 🙂 🙂

  3. Scammers everywhere.wow. if he would have said sample bag maybe a bit better. But still bad all the way around. The change of name and site reminds me of others here in US. And using his countries name to sell junk so sad. And from a real claim that shiney YA RIGHT. Pan on All

  4. Your exactly right about buying uk paydirt, your lucky to get roi of 30% i even bought some that was added to builders sand.

  5. I always enjoy your panning videos you and EVG George dirt 30 and Tom's gold dirt are very good and what you guys do 😎😎😎😂

  6. Try the northern pennines paydirt it's where I live and Will be worth taking a look.I found gold in my back garden in a tiny stream and going sluicing a couple of hundred yards away from the house soon.

  7. Try the northern pennines paydirt it's where I live and Will be worth taking a look.I found gold in my back garden in a tiny stream and going sluicing a couple of hundred yards away from the house soon.

  8. I have tried the same seller twice without getting anything sent to Norway. A friend of mine in the UK checked the gold in his paydirt and found out that it is jewelry gold. Only 14k. Maybe that's why it's so shiny? Nice video. Happy panning.

  9. Dylan- Just wondering if you would ever review one of those 1500$ or 1000$ buckets. No specific seller but a well known name?. Thanks.

  10. He said the gold is from his claim, but his claim mysteriously only produces one classification size of very clean gold? Hmmm. I thought I saw in one of Klesh's videos that you can't keep gold you find in Scotland. Unless I have it mixed up with another country?

  11. No gold in the top two classifications, which was expected, but, shiny gold, all the same size. No fly poop. Yet claims it isn't salted,…. well,… not well.
    I wouldn't buy his pay, and I don't buy his story.

  12. Dang Dillion this UK boy done bungholed again…I'm sure if had know he was the original shady guy from Facebook you would have never ordered his poliodirt…nevertheless ur video was stellar as always!

  13. Hello Dillion . Man that really was a embarrassing paydirt review . He better change or everyone will know what to expect and no sales . Thank you for the great review 👍🏽

  14. i still haven't " picked up" the paydirt from the scam sight i got dirthogs soooooo should i pick it up and pan it out ? i have 12 lbs of dirt waiting . i only have a pan and 6 classifiers
    54 per . when i messaged them they stated THEY were the orige lol . SO should i just take it? they have already said they wont refund my 100 bux ?

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