Alan Walker – Faded (Where Are You Now) (RH Remix)

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Remix de la cancion “Fade” hecho por mi, Renzo Huerta, espero que les guste gente 😀
Usa audífonos para una mejor experiencia

Saludos desde Perú
Comenten que les pareció y díganme qué canción les gustaría que subiera al canal.

Gracias 😀


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48 thoughts on “Alan Walker – Faded (Where Are You Now) (RH Remix)

  1. ~~How I found this remix~~

    Me: playing roblox as a nine year old hey this is a pretty good song, where can I find this?
    Me: searching YouTube "Faded remix"
    YouTube 2014: nope
    YouTube 2015: nope
    YouTube 2016: still nope
    YouTube 2017: I said no
    YouTube 2018: Ugh, FINE
    YouTube 2019: I like this song now
    Me: Still playing Roblox after 5 years

  2. I was looking for this song and I didn't think it was this video
    I went to another video and finished it and decided to find this song
    I accidentally clicked on this one
    Good thing though!

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