Allen & Heath Xone:96 DJ Mixer | First Look

We look at the new Allen & Heath Xone:96 DJ mixer and explore the latest improvements on their flagship model. Is this the best mixer a DJ can buy?

See the Xone:96 in action for Luke Slater’s DJ Mag HQ:

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the update retains the 92’s familiar layout while adding some modern features and extra performance functions to bring the mixer up to date with the requirements of modern DJ’s.

The most obvious addition is the dual USB ports, allowing up to two DJs to connect directly to their computers for easy switch over and to use up to six channels from their DJ software via a single cable. Each of the two soundcards are 32-bit and can operate independently.

The other major new feature is a Crunch control, adding some harmonic distortion to the Xone’s famous analogue filters. Elsewhere, there’s a new three-band EQ for the booth output and you can now adjust the slope of the Xone’s faders – finally!

The send and return options have also been upgraded with a master S/R adding to the four dedicated S/R channels. Interestingly there’s also a 3.5mm ‘Audio Sync Out’ port which we assume is for use with Eurorack or any other 3.5mm compatible hardware. A&H have obviously listened to their main users and the Xone’s focus on performance has been clearly influenced by the shift in how DJs are incorporating more studio-style techniques and hardware into their sets. It’s clear too that Playdifferently’s MODEL1 has had an influence with some of the features now showing up on the 96.

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9 thoughts on “Allen & Heath Xone:96 DJ Mixer | First Look

  1. I love my X96! I had a PX5 previously. Yet, despite the 96's lack of built-in EFX and MIDI-Clock, I feel like it's superior
    to its siblings in sound and overall build quality. Also, having the built-in (24 channel) Soundcard is a dream for Ableton.

  2. Nice!… But/however, please do enable & use (CC) subtitles option provided by Youtube for all your DJ Mag product review videos etc where there's talking (no music).

  3. Anybody with any insight to whether this mixer is being adopted by old Xone 92 users? I have personally not seen any of the big names use this new mixer yet, they seem to stick with the 92

  4. one word : CLUTTERED. The knobs size is also ridiculous,you have to have a kid's size hand to feel them. Totally not dj friendly.

  5. Great mixer , pricey tho for the features. My Vestax PMC 580 has way more features and filters that are match for this and it's bit old now

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