Allen & Heath XONE:96 DJ Mixer Review

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Allen & Heath finally releases the successor to the original club standard XONE:92 with the new XONE:96. The XONE:96 is a powerful mixer with both analog and digital circuitry and a host of input and output options for various mixing styles.

The Allen & Heath XONE:96 is built for DJ’s who use a long list of external devices and a host of external effects modules to make their set unique. The XONE:96 has eight different line-level inputs, two MIC inputs, 4 headphone outputs and more sends and returns than anything else out there on the Market.

The XONE:96 is built like a tank and it can definitely take a beating. The sound quality is superb and scratching is a piece of cake with the new on-board Innofader MINI crossfader. Check out the full review video and summary below to see if the XONE:96 is the perfect companion to your own DJ setup.


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10 thoughts on “Allen & Heath XONE:96 DJ Mixer Review

  1. Sheetiest mixer ever, i have a rental company of dj gear so i own : xone23/xone42/xone62/xone92/xone96/djm600/djm800/djm900 nxs2/djm2000. I can tell you exactly what is wrong with this mixer :
    1. Weekest channel faders ever, after 1 week of use, changed 3 faders allready, yes you heared it just one week, can't be compared to xone92 faders which i have for 3 yers now and never had to change faders. Xone92 can take any type of playing style, but xone96 ? You can destroy faders in just 1 gig with little harsh playing, just little. Even faders from djm600 is stronger then this !
    2. The second issue is that cue in headphones is not loud enough, lot's of djs decline xone96 for this reason and still asking for xone92 because of that. When cue/mst is on 12 o'clock, you dont get enough sound in your headphones when it even on mad level. and i think it's a big problem while mixing on a big stage.
    3. This mixer is getting fucking hot, so hot that you can burn your hand if you touch it's sides for more than 2 seconds… At first i thought my one was defective bacause i could not believe that after so many years and after xone92 they offered us so cheap made mixer … I exchanged it to another new xone96, and guess what : exactly same situation with new one… 🙁 Then i found out it's made in China… After so many ears they could engineer a magic mixer, but they made weakest sheet ever which faders feels expensive but inside is all plastic which brakes in 4-5 gigs ! You ll see it soon… i am so dissapointed… I owned almost all dj mixers and i never been so dissapointed before… Only good thing about this mixer i noticed and really worth mentioning is sound quality ! It will never become standard in clubs with this faders…And i don't know yet how it goes in long term use…

  2. Hey there do you have any experience using this mixer as a main audio interface please? I have heard that the quality is amazing and that you can bring in all of the external inputs into your DAW easily, without drivers on a MAC setup. Thanks for the great video.

  3. I need some help and this channel has the best reviews/info on YouTube. I used to be a DJ and want to get back to playing. I will not be gigging just playing for myself and the enjoyment of mixing and listening to mixed music. I currently have tech 12’s and a vestax mixer I bought 20 years ago. For the past 10 years or so I have played around a bit but nothing to crazy. I have been thinking about getting a controller as the cost of dvs plus a new mixer is basically the same if not more then a controller. I know how to play but have never used effects or a sampler before. I feel Entry level stuff will get old fast and I will wanna upgrade within a day or two of owing it. So does anyone have suggestions of a good midrange controller. I mainly would be mixing house, d-n-b and dubstep. Thanks

  4. Andy C is a fanatical user of A&H mixers and that has to be one of the best endorsements ever for their quality. Great review!

  5. Eazy mate, great review and new layout looks good , I've got this mixer and I don't have the space for it yet lol😆🎧 but I've tested it out and it has amazing sound not just digital but real vinyl !!!!

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