23 thoughts on “Anchoring out in the Bahamas on our Hatteras Yacht.

  1. As always another great video. I'm thinking with the making of the bubbles and blowing of the conch shell. Were adult beverages involved?

  2. My dude spent hours on this intro and loved it. Meanwhile everybody hates it. Way to long. And with research people click off videos very fast because of this intro. Thank God I use YouTube Vanced

  3. You two are leading an extremely charmed life! These videos are great to watch and see waters that most don't have access to. Thanks for continuing to share.

  4. Looks like I can see two bridges in the background. Bet you’ll never guess who put up the money to build the first bridge. 30 years ago I went to a resort funny I can’t remember the name of it. I think it’s still around it’s a resort that is inclusive and you pay for everything in beads. Anyway Atlantis didn’t exist. Hint the guy who did own the property built the bridge.

  5. Another nice video, thanks. WRT anchoring off Chub Cay – Was there a reason you choose west of the channel vice east? Also a little bit confused on the anchoring west of North Bimini location … where was that?

  6. I love your video's and I am especially in love with your boat. I have always liked hatteras yaghts and yours is awesome. I am 50 years old and really want to travel on a yaght just like yours I am trying to find a way to make the money I have a welding business but struggling I so envy your lifestyle you two are great keep up the great work and videos. GOD bless you both and keep you safe…

  7. Great adventures, and some nice video work! Up until the very end I was disappointed I hadn’t heard Lynn say “Roger-Out,” but you came through!!

  8. Hey guys, when I make it out to the east coast late this coming spring I want to go grab a few adult beverages with you guys. 🙂 plus I would love to bring a case or two of some good wine from the Napa region (where I live bay area) and a case or two of vodka to contribute to the Triton. Thanks a million tons for the great content it takes me away from the mortgage industry grind.

  9. Can’t wait to see you guys again Saturday! Come by my booth in Ego Alley facing Main Street. I’m with Bay Bridge Marina! We met last year in brokerage cove! Scott

  10. I thought you guys got lost at sea.

    Look for Tula's Endless Summer at the boat show! Tell 'em I said Hi.

    I used to check the anchor like that! Great music, love the B3 sound. Anchoring in Nassau Harbor… it was windy one night, and we were anchored out with 3 other sailboats. We heard a commotion, and went up and saw one of the boats had a spotlight on this dinghy, and the guy was sculling (a type of rowing using one oar on the stern) away furiously… with a stolen outboard engine from one of the other boats! He got away with it. Piracy, right there in the harbor!

  11. You guys have a Beautiful Yacht & a nice channel. But IMHO the saying ROGER-OUT is a Lil OverKill. Also Ed,I would Love to hear more of your guitar playing. Safe Cruising1

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