Angle Grinder Chop Saw making

In this video I’m building an angle grinder stand for metal and wood. How to make a angle grinder chop saw ? The answer is here. The angle grinder cuts, not only 90 degrees, is able to cut metal and wood at all other angles. This chop saw makes him superior. Best angle grinder chop saw helps to our diy projects.

When you review other videos, you will see that most of them cut 90 degrees. But with this awesome angle grinder stand you can cut at any angle.

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13 thoughts on “Angle Grinder Chop Saw making

  1. excelente video como los demás que he visto, solamente me gustaría que también hubieras hecho un plano de este modelo que es fantástico saludos

  2. Güzel çalışma , ancak bende yapayım desem plan falan göremedim. Parçaları yaparken bir ölçü de göremedim. Bizde buna "Kendin çaldın, kendin oynadın" derler.

  3. Πολυ καλο βιντεο και εξαιρετικη δουλεια ….θα σου προτεινα αν θελεις την συμβουλη μου προσπαθησε να δινεις και διαστασεις στα σχεδια σου ωστε να ανεβεις παρα πολυ στα like( ορα ALTUNTAS)

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