39 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 review: The best smartwatch gets slightly better

  1. Upgraded from Series 4 for compass. For long term hikers (overnight or longer) you would want a traditional compass. For day hikes in my area, there are trails that are not well marketed and in areas where the GPS fails just when you need it most. The new watch then becomes a most valuable crisis manager!

  2. I always considered the stainless steel to be the default apple watch but now that I think about it, I've never seen anybody else have anything other than the aluminum. The ion x glass is the deal breaker for me.

  3. Sooooo all I have to do is update my Apple Watch 4 and poof it’s exactly like the 5. You just saved me a lot of money…

  4. I bought the 44 mm series 5 black stainless steel lte on debut day. I couldn’t be happier with it -liking the new screen too. I’m giving my mom my series 3 42mm black stainless lte. ⌚️⌚️

  5. It's the best watch for Apple users. If you use Android, go with something like the Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active etc.

  6. I’ve upgraded from the series 4, I’ve been begging for an always on display! Worth every penny to me! And still can bank a little for my series 4!

  7. Me: dad can I get an Apple Watch for $1299
    Dad: your using your card
    Me:Um….your bank says $2 left
    Me:sorry I bought it well enjoy😀

  8. Can you give me a apple which Because I never got one so please and I love youer video please can you get me a Apple watch.

  9. 6:32, I am very confused about the popularity of a tip calculation feature. I honestly have a hard time imagining anything more lazy and pointless.

    In case anyone is unaware, just multiply the amount you want to by the percentage you want with a decimal in front of said percentage, e.g. 10% of $28.37 is 28.37×.10.

  10. I would argue it's not the best smartwatch, at least software-wise.

    I honestly think Samsung has the best watch software, Tizen, from what I've seen of Apple's and heard about Google's.

  11. my mechanical watch counts 20 years of uninterrupted work, how long can your microchip last? 2-5 years at best. NO THANK U!!! no spying too

  12. When your watching Engadget and the phrase "My dad wrote a porno" comes up. 😳

    😂😂😂😂 And no. I am not googling that. You're not about to mess up my search history. Lol.

  13. Funny in all these reviews no one seems to mention that the battery life sucks. I bought my series 5 yesterday slept with it on like normal and woke up to 74%. Went to work for normal 8 hour day and only had 10% remaining my series 4 I would still have a good 74% and could get through 2 in a half days without charging. Well that’s not the case for the series 5 so I’m returning plus I didn’t really care for the stay on display especially if it’s going to drain my battery which Apple said it would not do.

  14. They need to make an update ASAP, to give these following options…
    1: Always on dim
    2. Always on bright
    3. Default Always on.
    Thank you ✌️

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