Armaf – Club de Nuit Intense Man Fragrance Review / Cologne / Perfume / Aventus Clone

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Hi guys! Tonight I have my full review on the KING of Aventus Clones…..Armaf – Clube de Nuit Intense Man!!!

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21 thoughts on “Armaf – Club de Nuit Intense Man Fragrance Review / Cologne / Perfume / Aventus Clone

  1. Brother reply for the comments!
    Im your new subscribe
    Im gonna try this for first time is it really working?(2017,18 or 19) batch?
    Which is the best batch?
    And im in 40°c country is that perform well in such temperature?
    I use sweet little heavy..pls suggest me..
    Is that any difference in uae or france version which should i buy ?
    Silver sprayer or black one?
    Longevity and performance?

  2. nice and honest review , to be honest i am not really a fan of clones if the price difference to the original is just a few dollars…. but when the price is US $30 (CDNIM) vs $342.71 Aventus ( current price as of Sept 29, 2019 on fragrancex ) man i need to have a bottle or 2 of CDNIM and it will be my 1st time ever clone…..

    question: on your box or bottle does it say Made in France or UAE?

  3. I love my club de nuit intense man 2018 batch I will look online for another as a back up cause I'm hearing the 2019 batches are not as good on performance.

  4. It copies almost exactly Aventus from the mid to dry down. Afnan Supremacy Silver's smoothness/quality is the perfect clone from beginning to end compared to current fruity batches of Aventus imho.

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