Baniko Golden Plug Wireless Guitar System – My Pros & Cons Review (Only $60!?)

This is the Baniko Golden Plug Wireless System. They sell for about $60 USD at the time of filming this video. The Baniko wireless pack is an affordable 2.4GHz 24bit wireless pack that will allow up to 90 feet of the line of sight connectivity.

You can find this wireless pack on Amazon.

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26 thoughts on “Baniko Golden Plug Wireless Guitar System – My Pros & Cons Review (Only $60!?)

  1. You’re neighbors are lucky to get a free listen!!!! Not bad for $60 but the overall design of the unit could be a bit better. Perhaps the feedback will persuade them to work on the device. Cool video Shane!! Cheers!!🎸🎸🎸🤙🏾🤙🏾

  2. One way to fix the transmitter to the strap is to get a guitar cable, put an angle plug on one end and solder a jack on the other. Put it on your strap and you got a pro looking setup.

    Edit: you mentioned that at the end….commented before that.

  3. Thumbs up for Shane, thumbs down for the product.

    If it's not reliable & likely to get knocked out of the guitar whilst in use it's not worth it.

    Even at $60 US, that's not value for money.

  4. imo, if you're thinking of getting a cheap wireless pack, you're better off sticking to some good'ol cables, since I don't think they are reliable enough to be worthy of the switch, and they are not cheap enough hat you can just see if you like the concept. If really want to go wireless, then you have to fully commit to it

  5. I wouldn't rely on this unit for a gig. It seems like it's more geared towards bedroom guitarists who don't like messing with cables.

  6. Has anyone ever tries these wireless systems on a pedalboard? I mean like, plug the receiver to the input, and then use a cable from output to the amp? Does that work? Do they mess up the latency?

  7. Have you checked out if there are snakes or giant spider or any form of insane killer animal before walking out in the jungle? 😂

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