Bastion Gameplay. First 15 minutes.

My first experience with “Bastion”. An XBLA game avalible now for 1200 Microsoft points. It’s a beautiful action RPG. I’ve not had too much time with it yet but the time I have spent with it has been awesome. Highly recommended. If y’all have any questions shoot them on over and I’ll try to answer back as soon as I can. Sorry for the abrupt ending to the video as I’m limited on how long my uploads are and well….. I pretty much screwed up the timing. It happens. Don’t hate. I’m still kinda new to this. Please comment, rate and subscribe. Cheers.


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43 thoughts on “Bastion Gameplay. First 15 minutes.

  1. Quick tip: You can counter enemies with the shield. To do it before he will shoot click the shield quick or with the shooting duds, You can reflect the bullets

  2. ummmm what is this???? Why is it top down??? how am I supposed to relate to the character when I can't see what what he can see???? this is insane

  3. The narrator talks as the game walks through, that's a genius move 😉
    Not the first to do it, but the way they did it works very well.

  4. This game is on Steam Sale right now and it said it is Full-Controller Support. I really want this game but the problem is I don't have controller. Damn.

  5. I can understand breaking the objects but leaving a level with 90% health when there is a goddamn fountain that heals you is too much for me. The leaving point for me.

  6. I thought it was a good game with good graphics and a type of story. But this is just a piece of CRAP! We didn't expect THIS from WarnerBros./WB. Don't Mind.

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