33 thoughts on “Bastion Gameplay (PC, 1080p)

  1. I love how they worked the narrator into being kind of a tutorial guide, stylish (but I imagine it may get old after a while)

  2. The game looks pretty neat. This game seems to be synonomous with having a unique and really cool and unforgettable experience.

  3. Schade dies Spiel mit einer deutschen Stimme hätte bestimmt mehr Verkaufszahlen gebracht, Deutschland + deutschsprachige PC Spiele Konsumenten sollte man nicht unterschätzen ..hehe

  4. I don't think people understand that it's not always the gameplay that make a good game. It attributes to atmosphere as well, not to mention good OST. I mean, the gameplay of Skyrim is pretty basic, but the environment is amazing to explore, not to mention the music. So it's not really fair to judge an entire game on the first 15 minutes of it. And it's not just games that have this notion. So please don't crap on anything that may not exactly be the most entertaining thing in its first moments

  5. The idea of a narrator in a game is so awesome! And his voice is golden honey! I've never played Bastion but it sure looks and sounds good.

  6. damn the game is really hard to program…
    many different boundings for all the different weapons and attacks, and all those little things that looks trivial but pretty complex, like the sprites that sometimes drawn before the character and sometimes in front giving a 3d effect.

  7. You need to buy a USB wireless receiver if you have wireless XBOX360 controllers. Wired XBOX360 controllers can be plugged in a USB drive.

  8. @TurtleyPompato Yeah, sorry about that. Wanted to get the narrator to comment on me breaking EVERY GOD DAMN CRATE 😛

  9. This is a fantastic game. I was skeptical at first, but figured I'd give it a try. The story is amazingly engaging, and the gameplay is very fun. The soundtrack is awesome, too.

  10. @thedesertrose99 I can't understand why it wouldn't be. Intriguing setting, attractive art design, perfect mix of RPG, Action, and Strategy. It truly is a unique experience, infinitely deserving of the acclaim.

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