Bearded Live Show: Amazon IP program and California Tax Laws make news

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16 thoughts on “Bearded Live Show: Amazon IP program and California Tax Laws make news

  1. Here is the video of the lobbyist representing the OMG appearing in Sacramento in support of the marketplace facillitator legislation.

  2. After the video with the paper, are you going to make a video about how to research good products before you go out to the stores?

  3. Not sure where John is getting his information from, but when the lawyer in question, Paul Rafelson, who is working with the OMG, first began this process no one thought CA was even going to pass marketplace facilitator legislation. Rafelson was in contact with Fiona Ma, who has since been elected CA state treasurer. She took up our cause and wrote a letter to Governor Newsom backing the legislation. Rafelson testified in Sacramento. He also recently met with the CDTFA (CA tax dept). The OMG hired a lobbyist to advocate on our behalf as well.

    Talk is cheap, and from where I'm sitting it is Rafelson, the OMG and those who have joined the OMG, putting their money where their mouth is, that are the only ones responsible for the progress that has been achieved. As far as the question of nexus and retroactivity is concerned, Rafelson et al are fully aware and working on it as we speak. Everyone who makes a living on Amazon or Ebay should join the OMG and contribute to the cause. This is how we will have our voices heard when the decisions are made.

    BTW everyone who disregarded Rafelson's advice and registered with the CDTFA has had problems, whereas almost everyone who followed his advice and DID NOT RESPOND to the letter has been fine. I'm only aware of one very large seller who actually had to hire a lawyer and challenge the CDTFA. He has revenues over $10 million and to my knowledge backs Rafelson's efforts. His last update is that CA refuses to actually take him to court because they might lose and that would set a precedent which would end all attempts to scare money out of other sellers.

    LET ME BE CLEAR–I am not criticizing John's decision at all. If he didn't have the money to fight them without jeopardizing his cash flow etc. then that may have been the right decision for him. Everyone has to decide for themselves. My point is that it IS possible to fight them because we already have one large seller who has been doing just that for the past year. Most lawyers have no first hand knowledge of the cutting edge issues involved here. They are simply going to play it safe. The Wayfair decision completely changed the game, and everything is up in the air. That's why we need to come together and lobby hard for our interests so that our viewpoint is heard during this process.

  4. Yep, returns at Kohls in CA for a whole year. Even if the buyer just changes his mind, he can avoid return shipping if he takes it to Kohls. Decreases chance of fraudulent "INAD" claims to avoid return shipping.

  5. PLEASE call Alexa something else, a code word or something… maybe Mrs A? Every time you use her name, mine in the office is trying to respond! Trying to list here! <3 love ya!

  6. The $20 note is the most commonly counterfeited bill in the United States.
    The $100 note is the most commonly counterfeited bill in worldwide circulation.
    I think John is manufacturing facts to fit the conversation.

  7. You are right that an individual or group won't win over the beast that is California… but they aren't the target. The target is Amazon and eBay. They should allow us to limit sales to states we choose to sell in.

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