Best Android RPG Game – Mobile Game Awards 2016

Join us in the 2016 edition of Android Gamespot’ Mobile Game Awards where you get to vote for the best Android games of 2016!

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Best Android RPG Game 2016

– Crashlands

– Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

– Jade Empire

– Mobius Final Fantasy

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32 thoughts on “Best Android RPG Game – Mobile Game Awards 2016

  1. I still have to play Jade Empire. Mobius has a bug with huawei p8 lite that makes it extremely blocky (minecraft level). Brave Exvius never seemed attractive to me. I like Crashlands so Crashlands it is.

  2. Final fantasy because when im younger 5 or 6 years old im playing a final fantasy
    final fantasy that you make younger again because this game is extreme RPG game

  3. I would've said Sorcery! 4 as the best RPG but from among these , Crashlands. It's got a nice crafting system and its extremely entertaining.

  4. Ffbe. Gameplay's great. Story's great. Lots of good character. Squarenix games, well they always make a great games right. Lots of event too.

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