Blade & Soul Easter Egg Hidden Quest Beautiful Empress Song 남쪽에 핀 슬픈 꽃

Hidden Quest that activates a very beautiful Song. Read more for download link and other versions.
Original Article on B&S website. I’m in love with this song 🙂

Official Download Link

Fan Made Acoustic Guitar Version

Fan Made Piano Version

The girl in the video is one of the sub main characters of B&S 2.0. Some of the side quests revolves around her.

How to activate the hidden quest.


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50 thoughts on “Blade & Soul Easter Egg Hidden Quest Beautiful Empress Song 남쪽에 핀 슬픈 꽃

  1. well ,maybe it's good for korean or chinese but its not beautiful the tone and the music and the girl who sang it ……….not beautiful at all

  2. A mix between "Suteki Da Ne" (Final Fantasy X) and "Legend of Ashitaka theme" (Princess Mononoke) to create the perfect song. 
    These feelings… Blade & Soul is such a unique MMORPG.
    Damn it NCSoft what are you waiting for to bring this masterpiece to NA/Europe?

    Update: It's happening!

  3. I'm in love with this song and this game and i havent even played it yet! Love the vids, will continue to watch till i can play this beast of a game 🙂 <3

  4. It's been a few years, and they aren't even out of closed beta.

    We'll probably see the localization in 2016 at this rate.

  5. Steparu, is there more outfits with that animation? i mean the backwards scarf thingy looks like Jin Seoyeon's cape does, when its stuff falling from it. i think it loows awesome and would love to know if there is more of those kinds of outfits 🙂

  6. Fuck, man. Every video I watch of this game makes me want it more. But, given that there has been no updates at all on the NA version in almost 8 months now, I presume localization has either been shelved, or at least suspended for the time being.

  7. wow that was beautiful~ <3
    and just curious is there a mount system in this game? or is it just running and flying? XD

  8. Hey Steparu just wondering I'm an english player..and I'm getting BnS Korean do you know what servers are english just to make it a little easier ^ w ^?

  9. Guest ill play a small little kitty game like lost saga until this game comes out 🙂 im not a mmo attic so i play time by time. Dont really have time for mmos now because im doing basketball in highschool my first year im gonna be a freshmen XD

  10. When Steparu said that NCSoft isn't westernizing BNS, it doesn't mean that they won't bring the game to the west. It means that they won't be changing the material to match the western culture. Obviously you can tell that the game is very Eastern in the way it looks from its anime art style to the scenery and they won't try to change it or censor it when it comes to the west.

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