Blind Bourbon Tasting: Elijah Craig, Larceny, 1792, and Buffalo Trace

We know you love blind tastings so today we are performing a Bourbon blind tasting using small batch barrel bourbon.

Our bourbon blind tasting includes:
1. Larceny Small Batch Kentucky Straight, 92 Proof Bourbon
2. 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight, 93.7 Proof Bourbon
3. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight, 90 Proof Bourbon
4. Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Straight, 94 Proof

We run this bourbon blind tasting without having ever tasted two of the bourbons in our list: 1972 Small Batch and Larceny Small Batch. We purchased them just for this blind tasting event and never used them prior so it’s interesting to try to pick out which brand is which in this bourbon blind tasting.

You love bourbon? You should watch this to gain some exposure to what different flavors and brands offer in terms of oak, potency and spice…with maybe a bit of rye like flavor.

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30 thoughts on “Blind Bourbon Tasting: Elijah Craig, Larceny, 1792, and Buffalo Trace

  1. Hey Common Man Cocktails Thank you for doing my request, And I love how you two broke it down for your viewers on how they tested and shown us your 1st to last picks 🙂 My favorite is the 1792 Small Batch. I am happy to see that you both like it a lot, Also I don't know if I asked you this question yet. But do you guys have a Patreon? so I can give you some money for doing my request. I really enjoyed watching this a lot and Thank you ones more.

  2. I'm a scotch guy, but these bourbons are pretty solid. Wholeheartedly agree that the Elijah Craig is probably the most interesting one and definitely the one I'd pick to drink out of that lineup.

  3. Four Roses Small Batch is typically my go-to bourbon. Wild Turkey is the girlfriend's favorite. If we were to pick on together, we'd probably choose Knob Creek. Also recently tried 1792 and cinnamon immediately sprung to mind. Tried it in some chilled Fresh Market Christmas Blend coffee (basically vanilla, cinnamon and clove-flavored coffee) and it was quite tasty.

  4. Im more of a rum guy but I've had Buffalo trace and I liked it…. really need to dip my toe into more diffrent types of spirits……

  5. Buffalo Trace is my absolute favorite. Woodford Reserve makes a tasty Old Fashioned. Yet to try 1792 or EC small batch but will now

  6. Michter's American is the whisky I always recommend to anyone looking for a great whiskey, but so far my favorite is Ardbeg Uigeadail hands down

  7. The thing I like about whiskey is everyone has their own opinion. Most of the time you guys rate the whiskeys I like as lower than the ones I don’t like. Right now my favorite has been bulliet rye. Elijah Craig would be my second choice.

  8. My buddy bought a bottle of the 1792 on a whim when we were drinking with cigars. Since then I've been hooked. Such a sleeper bourbon.

  9. I'm on that Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve wagon, although I'm really into Japanese whiskey right now. If I'm feeling cheap, I cannot find any fault in Rebel Yell or Old Overholt.

  10. great video. What Book did Jenn write? Also I like for Bourbon Elijah Craig, Peated Whiskey Connemara, Scotch Monkey Shoulder.

  11. My favorite bourbon is Woodford Reserve. I think it has great complexity and a spicy quality that i normally dont want in a bourbon but works so well by itself or in a drink.
    I will be trying the 1792 since its the only one out of the four I havent tried.

  12. If I'm making a cocktail I'm using Evan Williams BiB, Old Fitzgerald, Old Granddad BiB, or Old Forester Rye; depending on if I want a standard, wheated, high rye, or full rye. If I'm sipping and paying it's old grand dad 114. If someone else is paying give me a cask strength four roses single barrel

  13. Given that the Larceny is a wheater with no rye, that would explain the difference in aroma and taste between it and the others that contain rye.

  14. As for a deconstruction suggestion and staying in the whisky theme how about the Rusty Nail and all its variants using a scotch, a Canadian whisky, an Irish ☘️ a bourbon 🥃. Or maybe a margarita with varying tequila or different orange 🍊 liqueurs.

  15. Really torn on favourite whisk(e)y 🥃 I love a good straight Canadian rye like Lot 40. But sometime I like a bourbon like bookers but recently but loving a scotch from Glenvilet which is peated but finished in a rum cask. Fine I just like whiskey! Don’t make me choose.

  16. Would’ve liked to have seen Eagle Rare in this test. It’s what I’ve been getting for awhile now after looking at Tasting’s rankings.

  17. My latest "best" whiskey is Jameson's Blender Dog. In my opinion better than all 4 of what you sampled today. I have all 4 that you sampled. Out of those I preferred 1792. I have had Makersmark. Again the winner in my opinion is Blender Dog.

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