Blizzard Bans Hearthstone Champion for Hong Kong Support – Inside Gaming Daily

Listen… do you hear that noise? The muffled screams of morals turning to dust under the heavy burden of a BIG OL PILE OF MONEY? It’s Late Stage Capitalism in the flesh! Shh, don’t startle it.

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[Twitter] @GodsUnchained


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29 thoughts on “Blizzard Bans Hearthstone Champion for Hong Kong Support – Inside Gaming Daily

  1. So in the name of profits, Blizzard has decided to side with a god damn Communist Dictatorship and ignore the human right abuses that have been going on for decades.
    Okay then if Blizzard loves China so much maybe they should move there, or better yet since we are in an age where people hate their own countries and praise 3rd world shit holes and Communist shit holes then maybe they should be forcibly relocated if they refuse to go to their Perfect country, oh wait they never do because they know how shit the place is and don't want to live there but want to bring that shit to the West, Censorship is the first step in the road to a Tyranny/Dictatorship.

  2. Did you hear that, (((game journalists))) call all people who support boycott Blizzard – racists, gamergaters and they said we just hate all asian people. How cucked and hypocritical (((game journalism))) can be?

  3. Hk player: liberate hong Kong
    Cuts to advertisement featuring Japanese company: YOU SUMMONED ME? YES MY LORD! OPERATION LIBERATE HONG KONG IN PROGRESS

  4. J. Allen Brack responded basically saying you are all stupid and retarded, no apology was given, he besically kept banging on the player and the caster like they murdered someone.

  5. Thank you Inside Gaming for mentioning the Uighur Muslims. I almost never hear them mentioned anywhere, even before the most recent round of protests in Hong Kong kicked off.

  6. If we allow this type of thing to happen and we accept Blizzards (or any other companies) excuse, then we eventually fall prey to one day possibly living under a communist style, tyrannic government. Walk away from Blizzard, the NBA and Hollywood for good, till they go broke. Maybe then things will turn around and a message will be sent that we do NOT tolerate ANY type of acceptance for those who oppose freedom, liberty and justice! Im compiling a list of companies that do business with China or any other communist oppressive government and I WILL be boycotting them, FOREVER! @ @ @ @

  7. All you HK supporters STFU HK been to china forever deal with it . dont lisen to our media crap jumping on the occasion to discredit the ccp they save china and made it what it is today look at china in 1919 with the kmt (richest political party in the world btw ) and look at china in 2019

  8. They don't want to offend "any portion of the public" yet all of their games keep the Catholic Church up at night. BS is BS. Oh they totally have internment camps lol

  9. unpopular opinion here so im ready to be fucked up in the ass. u can be salty at me all day i dont give a fuck. but im here to share my opinion.
    that guy, i can respect him for trying to be patriotic and stuff. i really admire ppls like this. but doing that in a game ? on a tournement ? in the highest rank of the game ? on stream ? LIVE ? on top of that, on a blizzard's game ? dude…i know blizzard is fucked up thes days but im pretty sure every fkin games in the world has some rules about politic stuff…might sounds stupid but game developers dont want that kind of stuff in their games…i mean, at all. talking politics in games is basically a suicide for your character/account. (good exemple here, in Poe, i just asked why trump was at the white house in general chat and i got a mute) you dont need to be a pro to know that, every gamers know that.. you just cant cry out loud, wearing a gas mask and shout out live ''liberate hong kong, revolution of our age!'' and exepting nothing to happen after that…

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