Border Model Black Flame Airbrush .3mm Review & Testing

This is quick review of Border Model Black Flame airbrush. It is a dual-action #airbrush from a Chinese company that is famous with their modeling tools in Asia. This #review uncovers the basics that this airbrush is capable of. #Border just started a new line of scale models with their Panzer IV in 35th scale and it appears that they are aiming high with their products.

Intro – 0:04
Instructions – 1:52
Black Flame Add-Ons – 3:04
The Airbrush – 4:22
In Action – 7:27
Conclusion – 12:10

This black coated dual-action airbrush is very nicely crafted tool and it deserves attention. It is far from what we are used to get from China – cheap knock-offs, incapable of providing sufficient performance. Border Model Black Flame is very different.
It is a capable airbrush, that works smoothly and is fine tuned out of the box.
Watch the review to learn more about it!


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13 thoughts on “Border Model Black Flame Airbrush .3mm Review & Testing

  1. Hello , may i ask, did you a chance to test another airbrush from MOSHEN yet ? , I currently undecide between this and the one from MOSHEN

  2. I see a couple of airbrushes that look like this, they have a nickel finish,: one goes by the model number BD-0628 with an "AIRMASTER" brand for 28$, one, an other was from KKmoon and has a nice rigid box. Are all the "same" thing?

  3. Hey mitko, loved your review for this airbrush. Can you give FENGDA a try as well? They too are a name brand Chinese airbrush company.

  4. Box says 0.5 but AB says 0.3 and assume these numbers refer to needle/nozzle/tip size. To me this is not a good start and w/o a US importer I would worry about customer support.

  5. Don't buy the black flame airbrush, I bought one from Ebay at $45 , and in the next months the satin finish paint started to peel off, they're made in China, so there's no customer service and no warranty, if something gets wrong with your airbrush you' ll be screwed, next time I better pay more for a well known airbrush company with factory warranty

  6. Thanks for the review Mitko. Looks good quality at a lower price point. Is this the same border models who are doing the Panzer 4 kit mate ?

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