Buying “DESIGNER” ITEMS on TAOBAO淘宝 | Fake Designer Haul | Jenny Zhou 周杰妮

Ohhhh 我的天啊!I’ve got an interesting haul for you today! Some very interesting “designer” items I found on Taobao the Chinese ebay!
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Shanghai series
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Hi 你好, it’s Jenny here! I am an ABC Australian born Chinese from Melbourne. I work as a radio and events bilingual host and act as well! This channel is a behind-the-scenes look into my life from acting to interviewing, and my love for fashion and travel!


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FILMED ON Sony a6300 EDITED ON Final Cut Pro X

Lots of love,
Jenny ♥


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35 thoughts on “Buying “DESIGNER” ITEMS on TAOBAO淘宝 | Fake Designer Haul | Jenny Zhou 周杰妮

  1. Ohhhh 我的天啊!I've got an interesting haul for you today!
    Some very interesting "designer" items I found on Taobao淘宝 the Chinese ebay

  2. The silver small stick that comes up with the belts are the ones used to make a hole on the belt just in case you want to add more holes.

  3. Hi, im from melbourne too, i had struggle with register in taobao app. Could you please help me? I will be really appreciated

  4. If you buy the items directly from taobao do they directly ship it to you in Australia? Just curious as I always buy from an agent and would love to see a comparison between the two methods

  5. Do you order directly from taobao? Or do you use an agent? Because it's hard to shop for us who don't understand Chinese 😂

  6. what happened to the items? :'( would never judge you for wearing fake designer items… love the fake jacquemus bag lol

  7. May I please know where you get the necklace you wear in this video? It looks really nice on you, especially matching with your outfit! 😉

  8. I shopped at 淘宝 quite frequent, but never dare to buy "designer" stuff, I only buy unbranded stuff as long it's comfortable to use/wear 🤣

  9. The dior receipt: what happens is that people are taking this stuff to the store, and do an exchange and scamming the sales staff as they have been unable to tell the difference. They leave the dupe behind and walk out with the genuine. People are shady.

  10. I think the "screwdriver" is a hole puncher so you can add extra holes on the belt if you need 🙂
    Ooo those "dior" heels look so nice! Omg I have petite feet too!! Indeed it is hard to find shoes that have small sizes available here in Aus, so I mostly buy mine online ~
    Taobao is so amazing but I wish I knew how shipping to Aus works… I often go on Aliexpress instead as it's quite similar I believe

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