Candida Auris is Morgellons Disease – Morgellons Is a Fungi (Aspergillus Fumigatus)

Candida Auris is Morgellons Disease – Morgellons Is a Fungi (Aspergillus Fumigatus)
Candida Auris, Shingle, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Dermatitis, Eczema Is Morgellons Disease (Aspergillus Fumigatus) & Medical Field Close Their Eyes
How to treat Morgellons Disease
The Most Important
Caprylic Acid Start slow with 1 capsule & work your way up to 3 or 4 capsules – 3 to 4 times a day
Undecylenic Acid Start slow with 1 capsule & work your way up to 3 or 4 capsules – 3 to 4 times a day
Baking soda Baths
When starting treatment, you may also want to take GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract).
Other things you may want to take
Cod liver oil
Castor Oil Gel pills
Also use Castor Oil to rub on body & head

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21 thoughts on “Candida Auris is Morgellons Disease – Morgellons Is a Fungi (Aspergillus Fumigatus)


    It’s nano tech, smart dust, evil dust…..from chemtrails and doctors won’t tell you because they are under the strong arm of government! This guy right here has a CURE! I feel bad for what y’all have went through because it’s from chemtrails……please go to this channel!

  2. OMG I pulled one of these things with black antenna out of my scalp this morning. Itching creeping feeling on my head. I think it is connected to frequencies as it was my smart meter that started effecting me about 18 months ago, hissing noise, twitching muscles, sleep deprivation, electrical jolts coming through my feet and other weird sensation. It is a nano genetically modified disease, and so far nothing is killing it, not even organic oil of oregano, borax, thyme oil, iodine, morgellons scrub solution that I made, nothing. Also found using a RF shielding hat made it worse where it started to ooze.

  3. What the fuck did you actually say in this video. I checked it just because there is candida word on the title. But oh Lord !! You go on and on for 7 minutes and I actually have no idea what you are talking about. You have a hard time to say some latin words yet you claim to be an expert on something that I don't know what is it? If this video was meant to be a tool of marketing it is accomplishing total opposite! I mean how unintelligent do you have to be to go on and on for 7 long minutes about something that makes sense only in your own head. And then again maybe you have some knowledge on the topic but this particular video is just telling me how you are absolutely incapable of communicating. Yeah I stoped here and if you convinced me that actually you are able to pass on some valid info I would look into it. But you have failed to do that

  4. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TREAT IT WHEN THOSE FUCKING PHYSICIANS DON´T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT?? They say it´s a Psychological Fucking Fantasy Disease!! 🙁 Those Fucker´s i´ve been to last night, and those Fuckers don´t give a shit about it and your Book, it´s going to MAY get you rich but that´s it! Doctors don´t give a Fuck and that´s THAT Body!

  5. candida and aspergillus look pretty different under the microscope BUT candida can do radical restructuring incl. rewrite its RNA (which yoiu make DNA from) to deal with hostile environments. sounds to me like something capable of swiping genes, and maybe morgellons is a candida aspergillus hybrid? or a cooperating symbiotic mish mash even if not hybrid, like a lichen is an alga and a fungus (I think).

  6. I'm trying Caprylic Acid and grape seed extract. I'll let you know how it goes. But topically and internally I use micronized colloidal silver dragon's blood and propolis. It works really good but it's not a cure. Maybe with some lab manipulation it could be. For topical use I combine the three with pure aloe vera gel, only a little, just on real problem, because it gets expensive. I use it internally too. I drop propolis straight in my mouth. There's many many many things I've tried, and still try. I'm trying so hard! Probiotics help. Not just kefir. Kefir with the expensive stuff. I personally believe but it's more of an internal issue probably your bowels and that it's probably related to Lyme's disease. Or even a tick bite where you didn't get Lyme's. I also believe that morgellons is just your body's own reaction 2 pathogens in a tick bite. However most immune systems don't react with the morgellons response. It may only develope with a compromised immune system. Or maybe it really is an extra terrestrial disease haha, from the tail of a comet? , or biological warfare!, Jezz. Maybe all of the above. I hope that it's the simplest answer. Things usually are. Stay away from fast food and processed foods. Eat lots of dark green vegetables. Wash everything very well. Food clothing sheets walls ceilings. Everything. Get a HEPA air filter. and get used to sleeping with it on high. Stay away from fabric softener. Stay away from as many chemicals as you possibly can. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives in food. That is very difficult thing to do. Read up!

  7. I've had this for two years tried everything, I'm starting to believe it's Super scabies or Morgellons Disease. Doctors are pretty much useless, whatever it is is resistant to pretty much everything and infects literally EVERYTHING.
    I have nothing left, I don't sleep in a bed, lost my car, moved countless times no one cares.
    I've recently learned it's best to suffer in silence.

    Please watch my video clip

  8. give us an inkling of proof, please! It would be fantastic if you're right. I hope that your book can prove that these are the same. Unlike your statements or the website. I'm sorry I want it to be the way you say it is. They all seem very similar. But just because it seems that way, it doesn't mean that it is. You're 7 minute video is quick to repeat itself. maybe be a bit longer as you could describe a little bit more detail. At least before I would consider reading your book. Please clarify or somebody, anyway. I'm always excited for truth? As I'm pretty sure I have morgellons, yet I'm not sure what all the b***** on the internet really is all about. Thank you.

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