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The vegans were right on one thing.

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23 thoughts on “Candida Overgrowth | White Tongue | Supplements

  1. Milk is lactose which the body breaks down as sugar and Candida loves lactose. Most candida diets say no milk for up to 3 months until the candida is gone if it's a severe infection.

  2. Have you checked our the candidacrusher, or Mike healyourguytguy? He has a protocol that others have used and claims to heal candida, crohns, sever gut disease in 30-90 days depending on how severe. Seems to be complete stop of any foods that irriate your gut. No matter how good they are deemed. Kefir, bone broth, raw milk if you can't tolerate it then don't have it. Then you take the candida tablets for one month. Then you re populate the gut with probiotics, enzymes and pre biotics. And re introduce some starchy veg like carrot, 100g of white rice to feed the good bacteria. By the third month they say you should be able to bring bone broth in and fermented food. And then continue for up to 6 months of sealing the gut, prop biotics. By 6 months people claim to be able to eat anything they want in small doses. Even normal bread, milk, all the normal hard to digest foods.

  3. U should look into raw milk cheeses. U get the beneficial bacteria to repopulate the gut without the hard to digest lactose that's in milk that can be a problem if u have gut issues. Real food that has probiotics is always better than supplements imo

  4. Replenish gut flora and heal the leaky gut. Check out Consciouscom instagram it focuses on replenishing the gut good bacteria that help you digest and eat plants, meats , carbs and fats

  5. Milk has a good amount of sugar too. An animal product based diet = low fiber diet. Therefore if you have SIBO or other digestive this will make you feel like your digestion is great but in reality nothing has healed. I've been in your shoes.
    I take L glutamine and highly suggest bone broth. Also keep in mind that healing your gut can take years so switching diets/ protocols might not yield accurate results.

  6. This is likely to be something that should be considered when it comes to gut problems:

  7. I've been considering starting my channel back up. How has it been for you changing over to meat based content? What are some things you noticed about your vegan videos compared to your meat ones?
    In my vegan videos I was way too slow and foggy. And in denial. I remember saying, why is my hair so brittle and falling out? Is the Houston water? Should I use argon oil? 🤔🤣

  8. So, I have realized that we as humans try to think of the perfect diet, the perfect health regimen, and we try to control so much. The truth is, at the very core, we control nothing. God sustains us and we don't even realize it. There is nothing that is not sustained by God. What a relief to know this! To know that I don't have to DO so much just to exist, to breathe, to digest, to heal. He tells us what foods to eat, even specifically what animals to eat. And even what parts of the Animals to eat.
    So here's what I learned:
    Eat clean animals, (don't touch the unclean ones, ie pork, etc) do not eat the fat, don't drink the blood. Pray over every single meal, ask Him to cleanse it and take regard for how the animal is treated and raised. Give thanks. 😊
    I haven't finished studying what plants, BUT obviously bread is good. And it's obviously not gmo, white flour bread. 😜

  9. btw. another nail in the coffin for veganism: "Evidence for a Meat-Based Diet" –

  10. IMPORTANT There are quite a lot of people that still experience bad symptoms when reintroducing certain foods. Here are two things that need to be considered:

    1) Cells in our body replace themselves at a different rates, most cells need even up to 7-10 years to be fully replaced, in some parts of the body it takes less time etc. This is probably why certain problems and sensitivites may stay with us for years (without symptoms, unless triggered) and can only be fully healed after a decade or so. This basically means, when you fuck yourself really bad it may take a long time to achieve a full recovery on a cellular level. For more information search for articles on molecular biology and biochemistry and cell replacement in the human body.

    2) Even when you are fully healed, introducing a new "old" food into your diet will most likely give you problems. This is because you a have a different kind of bacteria in your gut, and it may take up to 10 days for the microbiome adjustment. Your body also need to start creating certain enzymes that were not needed before, and basically adjust itself and the digestion to the new fuel source. This is exactly why some people might have problems when switching to carnivore diet for example, because they are unable to break down that much fats that are coming in, and your body needs time to adjust to the increased fat intake. Proper stomach acidity is extremely important too, for both: reintroducing "old" foods and switching to something like a carnivore diet.

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