Candida summary in Hindi by GB Shaw | English literature MA/BA

Candida, a comedy by George Bernard Shaw, it was written in 1894 and first published in 1898, as part of his Plays Pleasant. The central characters are clergyman James Morell, his wife Candida and a youthful poet, Eugene Marchbanks, who tries to win Candida’s affections.

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10 thoughts on “Candida summary in Hindi by GB Shaw | English literature MA/BA

  1. aapne sabse important cheez hee bilkul galat bol di. iss play ka protagonist candida hai. book ka naam hee candida hai, wo sabse important hai and pura play uske around hee hai.
    im in 12th isc studying for the boards, much like the most of you. do not write that morell is the protagonist, you will literally get a zero for not understanding the essence of the play. this is a feminist play written by shaw to emphasize that candida is a strong central character of a woman, signifying 'the new woman' of the developing society. I want to be respectful but I am hurt that the way our thought process has been molded, people cant see it when it is so clearly portrayed, that a story "just has" to revolve around a man.

    mai 12th mein hu zyaadatar logo jaise yaha. morell main character hai, aisa likhoge toh 0 milega kyuki aapko play samjha hee nahi. yeh play ka main point hee hai ki candida jiske naam pe book hai main haracter hai aur dono mardo se samajdaar hai. mujhe dukh hota hai yeh dekhke ki hum itne biased hai ki humein lagta hai ek mard hee main character hoga, jab ki play ka maksad hee hai ki mahilaye equally important aur substantial hoti hai. ISC ne yeh play prescribe ki hai baccho ko yeh samjhaane ke liye. please khayal mein rakhiye aur thoda akkal lagaiye

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