Casa Cuevas Habano Prensado Cigar Review

Casa Cuevas has done really well with their new blends, but now they’ve box pressed the Habano, which should have some noticable impact on the flavor. Lets see if it’s for the better… or for the worse.

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14 thoughts on “Casa Cuevas Habano Prensado Cigar Review

  1. You're not applying an even toast to the edges of the foot when you light up. It has to be lit correctly in order to burn correctly.

  2. Another informative review thanks. I have been getting into cigars over the last few months and have been really influenced by your videos. Although it harder for us over in Northern Ireland as there are very few b&m. I will be ordering from your site very soon.

  3. Great video! I just received my first order today so I'm very excited to try the cigars, particularly the Filthy Viking. Just wanna say thanks for the lovely note and pass on my compliments to you rep Nikki who was fantastic. Cant wait to order more!

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