Cathay Pacific The Pier FIRST CLASS Lounge Review at HKG

Cathay Pacific’s The Pier first class lounge reminds us of a posh five star hotel rather than an airport lounge. One of the best first class airport lounges in Hong Kong Airport.
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12 thoughts on “Cathay Pacific The Pier FIRST CLASS Lounge Review at HKG

  1. Is everything free in there? Could you potentially sit there for 5 hours drinking liquor all day? That'd be amazing value, lol.

  2. Seems like The Wing has cabanas and the champagne bar. However, outside those two features The Pier is better. I booked the CX Vietnam-USA mistake F fare. Looking forward to this lounge!

  3. Sebastian, ERAU's Lift Magazine might cover airport expansions in a future edition. It seems you have knowledge in that area. Would you like to be included if the topic is approved?

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