Hi guys, this video is about my recent flight from New York JFK to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777-300ER in business class , this was an all-daytime flight which departed at 10:00 (NYC time) and arrived at 14:00 (HKG time).

This was my first ultra long haul flight, which took 16 hours and was over 8000 miles long.
The appetizer and the main course were a big disappointment for me, I guess Cathay’s US catering is the culprit here.
The lack of a matras was a disappointment too, it’s a 16 hour flight after all..

Flight attendants were great especially the purser who was interested in me filming everything.

The plane, the flight attendants and the food, I would rate it a solid 8.

Some details about the flight:

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight number: CX841
Flight origin: New York John F. Kennedy International Airport
Flight destination: Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: B-KQK
Seat: 16K
Date: April 18, 2019
Flight duration: 16 hours

Music: Lakey Inspired – The Process

Extra tags:

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  1. Singapore Airlines shows Cathay Pacific how to do it: watch my flight review from Singapore to Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines' business class.

  2. Look, I have been in cathay buisness 2 times. Yes the food is the let down but the bed and legroom is great. The bed is very wide compare to other beds, like Oman air and emirates. I also love the drinks. The kiwi juice or smoothie is very nice and personally I WANTED TO order that drink many times. I love the flight and i rate it 9/10

  3. Very nice mix of airport..and then internal and external aircraft views… take off.. landing… on board announcements etc. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I would never fly CX, for couple of reasons:

    1. Expensive ticket, CX rarely gives discount for business, especially on routes from North America to Asia.

    2. CX has nothing, other than Lounge. In other words, lounge food is far better than plane food…. I call CX, Air China HongKong Branch.

    3. Food quantity, quality is miserable… to me, I only give it a 3 Star Airline. Fly Eva, it’s 100 times better than CX.

    No idea why so many people still love CX…..

  5. Thank you for taking the time to make this presentation. The food looked “passable” not great but “passable”. I agree with other commenters that clearly CX is cutting corners (where perhaps they shouldn’t) in food services because of their financial situation. Might be a big mistake in the long term.

  6. @Cloudnine, thanks for the review. I look forward to my first trip on Cathay Pacific from Dubai to Vancouver via Hong Kong on their 330 and 777/300ER in business next month. Interested to compare the differences.

  7. I don't see what everyone is complaining about…….it was a very nice flight and aircraft. The meals looked delicious and the seat looked very comfortable. You all are a bunch of freaking brats!

  8. Whenever I fly first class, or business class.. I dress appropriately. The amount of people who dress like slobs is getting out of hand. The flight crew treats you better when you show respect to them by dressing accordingly.
    Hell, even when I fly coach I am still better dressed than most people who fly business and first.
    I am glad I flew first class with Cathay to Australia. The lounges alone made the trip so much more enjoyable.

    Money doesn't buy class at all. People show all the time how low end they really are.

  9. Another of those flight review videos where 50% of the video is taken by GoPro looking out the window. Hardly creative or informative content

  10. I get the strong feeling slowly CX is losing its cred as a 5-star airline. Their meals used to be a highlight of each flight. The poor presentation and bland food show the airline is losing its wings.

    I know the airline is in serious financial trouble, so this could all stem from that. At this point, Taiwan's China Airlines has more cred than CX as a world-class airline. You can compare their service and catering against CX's business class.

  11. I took a similar flight from the West Coast to Hong Kong. What's interesting is the entire flight is almost completely over land. Great for anyone nervous about flying over the Pacific!

  12. I may be wrong but I believe that nowhere in this entire video of yours do you ever mention the aircraft that you’re flying on. From my experience that is a 777 but don’t you think that should be something that you would mention at the beginning? You seem very critical of small insignificant issues with an appetizer and a mattress which you don’t even known how to spell. I have been flying Cathy Pacific since the early 1970s and there is not another airline in the world that has come as far as they have to provide the safety security service and performance of any major Asian airlines. You are a total amateur and should give some “commentary” as watching engines and you complaining about one food service that is not appealing to you will not get you anywhere.

  13. The burger is superior to anything else I've tried on my trans-Pacific flights with them. Eastbound I usually fill up first at The Pier lounge, skip the meal, then have the burger later in the flight.

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