44 thoughts on “CBR1000rr Wrecked Bike Rebuild

  1. I rebuilt a 2006 ZX6r that was crashed by my brother. Sold it a couple years later for a brand new grom. Never looked back. 😊

  2. I guess if it worked it worked but I cringed so hard when you put the cases back on with an impact. Those things have crazy low torque specs and strip quicker than a girl who didn’t finish high school.

  3. Why after someone took their time making a video, their comes the SMARTS viewers making all kind of recommendation. Why don't they go and make their on video showing how to. Bunch of losers!!!

  4. Its a bad idea to use spray paint cans for something like rims or engine covers… It will start peeling off within few months, even if you well prepared it and primed it. Also it's very easy to scratch it…

  5. wheeler dealers, but with motorcycles. now i notice you slid the rear axle in from the right. eh, ain't these normally slid in from the left?

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