CGRundertow DRAGON BALL Z: THE LEGACY OF GOKU 2 for Game Boy Advance Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku 2 for the GBA. Released in 2003, Legacy of Goku 2 was developed by Webfoot and published by Atari. While the first Legacy of Goku was a boring, dull mess, this game is an action packed adventure that really puts you into the action of the show. Following the android and Cell sagas, Legacy of Goku 2 is not a very long game, but every second is a blast. This video review features gameplay and commentary from Classic Game Room’s Gabe.

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36 thoughts on “CGRundertow DRAGON BALL Z: THE LEGACY OF GOKU 2 for Game Boy Advance Video Game Review

  1. You’re comparing this game to buus fury like buus fury came first, they just took the foundation of thus game and brought it over to that one

  2. I respect the diversity but dbz shoudnt be an rpg game bcuz it feels looks incomplete but its wayyy better than the 1st game also its solid

  3. Webfoot is an american company right? They used the Bruce Falconer soundtrack which sounded amazing throughout so I'm guessing it must have been

  4. You shouldn't be comparing Buu's Fury! since it came before it, you should have compared buu's fury to legacy of goku II on it review vid of it. Eiether way, awesome video.

  5. I don't get why he keeps comparing it to Buu's Fury. You should never define a game by it's sequel, that's backwards and doesn't really help if the person watching is unfamiliar with the 3rd game.

  6. I personally think they should have called this "The Legacy of GOHAN", because you start out playing as him and finish the game as him. I mean you only play as Goku for like what? 30% of the game?

  7. Ugh… I'm soo torn on weather O like 2 or 3 better. Visually, 3 is the best and it's a lot easier except for that stupid circus part. However, 2 had Cell, a hyper badass. I think I like 2 better because if that nostalgia. From twenty feet away I can still smell that nostalgia emanating from the cartridge. Sooo close, too.

  8. It would be nice to see how cool the effects from the attacks would look on console or sumthin honestly i wouldn't mind a remake but i would rather it be on a handheld

  9. Well, partly because the ps4 and xbone are just about to come out….. and also becuase some games are so amazing that a remake would ruin it.

  10. why not?? sure remade like shit of course, but why not??

    ps3 and 360, or better yet ps4/psvita has so much firepower for the insane potential of these games… AND we wouldnt need remixed faulconer themes, although some of them are better than the original.

  11. Legacy of Goku, terrible? I wouldn't say terrible. Boring maybe. Bland. Meh. ….but there's far worse games out there to use a word like 'terrible' for 😛

  12. Are you kidding? The Legacy of Goku 1 was an awesome game! Great story, gameplay, and music for a GBA game. And it's not difficult if you're willing to play strategic on the boss battles which I did way back when I was 13 with no hassle. I will give you that it's short, but being such a fun game it just made me feel like I wanted more hence why I came to check out the sequel after so many years.

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