Cheap ebay Aluminum SBC Cylinder Heads Inspection

Review & Inspecting bare 200cc straight plug 64cc chamber alum heads with vortec ports for my small block chevy. Gotta check a lot of stuff before I can use them!

Machinist precision straight edge
Feeler gauge set
Replacement CC Plate
60ml/cc syringe
10ml/cc syringe

Felpro Gaskets
vortec 1255
header 1404

Last vid where I got the heads

Outro music


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8 thoughts on “Cheap ebay Aluminum SBC Cylinder Heads Inspection

  1. Finished checking all the valves and seats while this was uploading, only that 1 intake and 1 exhaust valve need faced and all 8 exhaust seats need a touch up or new valve job.

  2. Cost a few hundred extra but every single bolt, stud and but in my sbc build is ARP! No worries of messed up threads on the screws lol now obviously that isn't practical when building multiple engines but I've stock piled parts for 18 months so I had time to get the best of everything except for the heads lol I did buy the 205cc assualt racing sbc heads that are pretty much the same s these but they do actually have thick decks and no flaws yet besides some casting line inside the runners that need cleaned up but well worth the money I think for like 388 to my door for a pair and only waited 3 days. Probably go with darts down the road but had to try these heads for the price

  3. Would you trust these heads out of the box or should I sent them to the machine shop or just not buy them? Your the expert go!

  4. I bought a pair of 205cc assualt racing aluminum heads for $388 to my door and they are drilled for both intakes and seem to have a thick casting. So far I'm liking them

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