Cheap Umbrella lights (My Ebay 3 point lighting review)

This is my review of eBay’s budget three point lighting kit. The umbrella lights are also available on Amazon. The umbrella light kit is made up of 2 white umbrellas, 2 taller stands, 1 shorter stand 3 bulbs and housings. I setup my umbrella lighting to help out my YouTube studio with the poor lighting situation I have going on. Also available on Amazon is a similar kit from limo studio. We show a before and after and how it affect’s the overall composition of a shot. After all is said and done I would have to say that these umbrella lights are fantastic for video. This looks to be the cheapest lighting for YouTube videos I could find. Are these lights right for your YouTube Studio? We see how these lights provide a big visual upgrade, even if you’re filming on a Iphone 8 like me.

►My Light Kit on eBay:


►Swing by Peyruis
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13 thoughts on “Cheap Umbrella lights (My Ebay 3 point lighting review)

  1. nice set, but I use the "hair light" differently. As used in this video you have a light spill in your frame at the left. I would consider this more as a rim light than a hair light. Hair lights are placed above the subject to give a reflective highlight in the hair. A rim light is placed behind the subject (most often at shoulder level) to give a rim of light separating a dark subject from a dark background. that's why the stand is shorter than the others.

  2. Hey great video. You're fun to watch! My only comment on the lighting at the end is that it looks extra bright on the left of the screen. Perhaps you've already tweaked that. But thanks for this! Super informative!

  3. Hey dude, really enjoyed the video! Here's my sub. Thanks for the share. The lights really helped the quality, I think it was a great purchase.

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