Citadels 2016 Edition Review with the Game Boy Geek

My review of the new edition of this classic role selection game. More characters, more districts, and many new ways to play. Updated art, and components make this edition of a classic a must have.

My Allegro (2-min Review) –
My Comparison to the original edition –

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3 thoughts on “Citadels 2016 Edition Review with the Game Boy Geek

  1. I dont think you should express opinions on things you have not experienced… and just like most of the reviewers have stated that in more than 5 is too long.
    Let me share my experience in this matter…. the game doesent get too long in a 7 player game because you always have interaction and so much speculation between all the players at the table. both in the role selecting phase and in the action phase when you are trying to guess each others roles. also in a bigger game it gets more strategic towards the end game. My group always plays this in 6-7 and its one of my most played games in my collection, because its easy to set up and learn.

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