28 thoughts on “Citadels (2016 Edition) Review – with Zee Garcia

  1. It would be amazing if you could, along with Tom and Sam, address Citadels new positioning compared to Libertalia and Mission: Red Planet. I remember that it got beaten up pretty bad in the Top-10 murder replacement episode years ago, but is this verdict still valid in the light of its improved version?

  2. The only big problem I (and my gaming group) has had with this game is the "Assassin" role. We've often had the same person just skip a turn for three or four turns in a row because of this card. It's just such a lame mechanic to me. Does anybody know if this role has been "updated" (changed or eliminated!) in this version?

  3. I know LIbertalia is one of your favorite games of all time. How does the new version of Citadels hold up against it?

  4. Libertalia I never latched on to but this is a staple in my collection. The new version is just bang on and actually increases this in my personal rankings.

  5. Wasn't feeling this as two players with my wife, at least with the starting suggested character cards. Also, the box is ridiculously large for whats inside.

  6. Thanks for the review! I see that Legends of Andor – The Journey to the North sits in a shelf behind you. Any chance for a review soon?

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