Citadels (Game the Game)

Guests Erica Fermina, Chris Fishel, and B. Dave Walters join Becca Scott for a game of Citadels from Z-Man Games. Watch as the players compete to create the Kingdom’s most esteemed city!

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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43 thoughts on “Citadels (Game the Game)

  1. Chris was looking at Becca’s cards so much! He totally knew what cards she had when he stole them. Chris… You’re the producer!!! You should know better! Hopefully he’s not a repeat guest. He’s bad TV er… YouTube. #chrisisacheater

  2. The sound balance is waaay out of whack. The music is blaringly loud compared to the spoken word volume. Did your sound engineer forget to run this through a balancer, or did you forget to hire a sound engineer. Seriously, I have the sound loud enough for the spoken word to be conversational and my subwoofer tries to shake my desk apart while my ears actively hurt when you play the music.

  3. I should've gone to bed earlier… However, not only do I love this game -and I've just bought it-, but I also got a kick out of watching you guys play!
    I think you should challenge Chris to a game of Monoply. #Monopoly1997 #Monopoly2019

  4. I used to play this card game a lot with some friends and I remember this one time one of the players showed his card before being called out because he was mad that someone killed him or robbed him I don't know and that completely ruined my whole strategy for that round which was something fucking epic, I am still a little bit mad!

  5. The king still keeps the crown when assassinated and the player who is assassinated doesn’t reveal they are the assassinated character when their number is called.
    Also the thief can’t target the Assassin.

  6. OK so this isn't a strategy video and it's great to see folks having fun with tabletop games… and I'd be amazed if the whiners whining about rules mistakes have ever played a 100% rules-perfect game on video ever… but…

    …it would be really nice if the rules goofs could be annotated. Thanks x

  7. Three pointers. The king at 31:00 was face up and not put back. 2nd this show is where better than TT, because WW sounds like he gargles glass. 3rd keep the tutorial in the vids

  8. I don't know much what everybody miss, i see actually an good game , very well presented , with tutorial on the start for those who dont know the game (the only suggestion is to make a timeline so everybody knows where tutorial and where actual gameplay) m i think they did pretty good job . still some miscorrection in rules was noticed ….

  9. Ive watched two of these, and I like it more than Tabletop. They actually play to win instead of this "play for fun " shit no one does. Dont get me wrong, I love Wil Wheaton, but this seems like they know the rules better and play more like my group would. On this one LOVED the black dude, and the smoking hot purple hair girl dresses like me, with a ratty T shirt.

  10. Get someone to correct play as you make goofs please! It's really frustrating to watch the rules be forgotten during play. Play a practice round or something so people remember the rules. I want to like this series, but when Fishel forgot to discard one of the districts he drew, it literally won him the game.

  11. Ugh… what's up with all of the messing up of the rules? Tabletop wouldn't have even aired that (Where are you Wil Wheaton???!!!)

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