Come Estate Sale Shopping With Me! EBAY SELLER | Estate Sale Haul

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Shipping Stuff We Use

6×10 Bubble Mailer

7.5×10.5 Poly Mailers

10×13 Poly Mailer

10×13 Clear Poly

Bubble Wrap

2” Shipping Tape

Tape Dispenser

8x6x4 Boxes

6x4x4 Boxes



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YouTube Supplies

iPhone 8 Plus

MacBook Pro


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20 thoughts on “Come Estate Sale Shopping With Me! EBAY SELLER | Estate Sale Haul

  1. That vintage school bus photo holder is pretty cute. 🙂 Do you ever get bored going to the same thrift stores so frequently?

  2. The estate sales always look at Ebay prices before setting prices. They usually have 1/2 prices on the last day if there's something left. Caution – do not buy women's high heels….unless you're selling to Strippers! Working women are not wearing heels.

  3. It’s always a great day for picking 🙂 too bad those games were fakes I would have taken them too:) love grabbing older games

  4. Hi Matt! Looking thru your shipping materials list but I can't find a poly mailer for blankets. I was wondering if you're using any of the sizes you have listed on your description. Which one is it, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks! Great informative video as always 👍😍☺️

  5. Picked up some bubbling light from Salvation Army yesterday, not a big money maker but it reminded me of you. Also, just when I thought garage sale is dead around me…I picked up some shoes and clothings. I don’t normally pick those but for $1, it’s not hard to. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Hey Matt do you think you could send a link for a downloadable version of your song? I'd like to set it as my alarm clock ringtone for Saturdays☺

  7. That KFRC bumper sticker in the garage brought back memories. That was my favorite radio station with Dr. Don Rose. But Matt, your probably too young to remember that.

  8. You probably know but that is a Cutco Serrated Knife and Spreader – it is fabulous – I have one and use it daily…slices bread like butta!!!

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