Composite to VGA Adapter from eBay Review

It’s a hoot and a holler when Matt blows $20 (AUD) on a cheap adapter from eBay. But the real question is, is it any good?

Link to buy:

This is kind of a filler video, the next one will be VERY cool I promise!

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24 thoughts on “Composite to VGA Adapter from eBay Review

  1. Dude, your voice+video editing ability and over all tone in how you come across is very enjoyable. You give me a sense of nostalgia as you explore all the technologies from my child hood. Especially your understanding of the technology and appreciation of it. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Dope apparatus I've seen a lot of times on eBay/Amazon markets, but that I've never bought so far. This is even better that I thought, even if the quality is a bit average.

  3. I have one of those china boxes, albeit quite a bit worse one in a grey case. It is a clone of something, it's printed on the PCB and the ICs are actually scratched off interestingly enough.

    I really want an OSSC but it's out of stock on VGP (ali and ebay are out of consideration due to import taxes). An HDMI DAC does a job well enough IMO.

  4. ok i found something mostly similar to what he got

  5. DUDE this thing is perfect for me to watch VHS tapes on an old monitor i have and plus i already have that converter but i didn't really know of how to get other uses out of it.

  6. I actually have a Dell UltraSharp 2007FP that has DVI, VGA, S-Video, and even composite. I also have a soundbar for it so I guess I could get sound on it if I bought an adapter. It's pretty cool though, and I should hook up some old consoles to it sometime.

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