Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L Case Build Review

The Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L Micro ATX case is a competitively priced box which is worth considering. I built a PC using this case and give you an overview of all the important aspects. Is this the best budget Micro ATX case?

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16 thoughts on “Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L Case Build Review

  1. I have this case and use it without the dust covers as they do restrict airflow. I have 3 intake fans (two on front panel and one at the bottom) and 3 exhaust fans (one at the rear and two on the top panel). I get temps of around 69-70 at load which isn’t too bad for such a small case (this is with a RTX 2070 Gaming Z and a i5 8600k running at 4.8 GHz). As mentioned in the review, the acrylic side panel isn’t great and scratches easily.
    Overall it is a pretty decent case for the price but take note that if you want decent airflow you will probably have to remove the dust covers.

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