Day 831 Tesla Ruby Another School Week Begins

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Our older dash cam DDPai M6 Plus
Our new VLOG camera Canon G7X Mark III
Our VLOG camera Canon G7X Mark II
Insta360 One X
Camera stick Fastaseal
Tuck Visor
Roav Viva by Ankor
TuxMat Model 3 floor mats
DDPai Mini3 Dashcam:
Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade 4 Pack
Tesla Hat:
Garage Door Controller:

Car Wash Routine:
Don uses No Wash Rinse and Shine (ONR) on the paint:
He puts one capful in a 32oz. spray bottle for daily touch ups and also uses it in the powerwasher reservoir.
He uses RainX washer fluid on the wheels for daily touch ups:
(buy this much cheaper at WM)
He has that in a spray bottle full strength. Brake dust drives Don nuts, so he likes to wipe frequently. The RainX stuff is cheap and also acts a bit of a repellent to keep new dust from sticking on too much.
Good quality microfibers for the paint and some terry cloths for the wheels.
Mostly inside we use unscented baby wipes or just a water wet microfiber. We’ve not needed much product inside.
This is the brush Don had on the drill:
Every 6-12 months, this Wolfgang Paint Sealant is a good product to use instead of a wax:

When Don put that on Ruby, she was like a new car even at 30K.
One other detailer Don also liked is this Meguiar’s Detailer:

The powerwasher(pressure washer) is a Sun Joe:

Don says all the Sun Joe’s are good though. He liked the reel on this one in particular

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