Does it Make Sense That Ji Hyo Can't Do This? [Running Man Ep 445]

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42 thoughts on “Does it Make Sense That Ji Hyo Can't Do This? [Running Man Ep 445]

  1. When I saw this I was convinced she was in the secret couple ordeal, but now that we know she wasn't, it's just plain weird lol. Made me think she was told from PDnim to help the actual secret couple by looking suspicious herself.

  2. remember when kjk said "its either you are secret couple or you really interested in him" then jihyo answered "i think one of the two" hehehehe and shes not the secret couple and she held his hand not bcs of mission haha can i ship them

  3. I think So Min is one of the secret couple … Because and I don’t Know really why she’s in the center so many times. I don’t really like her « charactere » in running man I don’t hate her but I don’t have a really good feeling about her

  4. Even if its real or not …let it be just go with the flow coz we cant predict their future …dont get me wrong i love song ji hyo end with kjk …but as i said we dont know what happened in their future lovelife….if u against them just shut up and dont watch rm simple as that ….and dont hate the new member just stay neutral ….and please move to monday couple coz kg is happily married and a father …please just enjoy the show ….dont hate but #JUST LOVE😍❤️❤️❤️
    #spartace shipper😍😍

  5. i personally think there are at least 2 couples. jihyo and somin must be among them, based on the way they act. cant wait for next episode!

  6. Can't wait ep 446 for the answer of this secret couple, I'm really sure Jihyo and Jae Young is obviously secret couple lol 😍

  7. I feel sorry for them that they are force to do loveline, they even ask people not to make them both uncomfortable around each other and ask to stop making rumous. But wht can we do this is the only way they get more screen time. Wonder how awkward must it be bhind the camera

  8. I guess "the secret couple is Jihyo n Sechan" as they both behave strangely, cant wait for next eps to reveal who the secret couple

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