DPReview TV: Travel Tripod Shootout (Manfrotto, Peak Design, Gitzo and Sirui)

A good tripod can be an essential tool for the traveling photographer, but when you’re on the go size matters. This week Chris and Jordan review four great travel tripods from Manfrotto, Sirui, Gitzo and Peak Design that get the job done while still leaving room in your bag for your other gear.

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21 thoughts on “DPReview TV: Travel Tripod Shootout (Manfrotto, Peak Design, Gitzo and Sirui)

  1. For anyone thinking of the manfred, don't worry about the proprietary plate. I have the previous aluminium version and I just bought a replacement Swiss Arca compatible plate for the top. You may just need a dab of thread lock as the replacement plates don't have the same nubs on the underside like the og plate.

  2. I'd like to see tripods without a center column or with a removable one. I photograph wildlife and I'll buy one soon (probably the Rollei Rock Solid Alpha)

  3. I got 2 BeFree aluminum tripods, light and compact enough for me, and one more heavy duty from MT190XPRO series, all from Manfrotto, all for the price of 1 carbon Peak Design. And I think it's more important to have a tripod you can afford and take with you, than looking at one that you would take everywhere, but can't afford. My decision was to get a versatility yet still in quality and invest the rest in glass. There's a lot of cool stuff out there, but you don't necessarily need the best pf the best.

  4. A pity you did not have 3legged and mefoto as part of that review. Those tripods would require to have much better features than a mefoto to justify higher price.

  5. Another travel tripod comparison? Isn’t that what everybody does? What I'd like to see is a comparison between not too expensive well sized STURDY tripods.

  6. I lost interest at the goofy names. The PD is the latest rage, but no mention of its shortcomings. The included ballhead is pretty useless…no way to shoot with the camera in portrait orientation unless you drop the camera off to the side…combine that with 5-section legs and an extendable column and you're looking at stability issues (not to mention being forced to recompose the scene which is where L-brackets come in handy). To use a camera with an existing Arca-Swiss plate (L-bracket, etc) you're forced to purchase an A-S adapter (which is something else that can be lost or misplaced). Sure, you can swap out to a ballhead that's fully ARCA-Swiss compatible, but then you're looking at another expense on top of the $600 price tag. These seem too gimmicky to me, sorta like Dyson vacuums (pretty to look at, but too plasticky).

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