44 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Goku VS Trunks Gameplay (1080p 60fps)

  1. Me downloading this game without ps plus when it says ps plus I was be like WHAT THE anyways buying ps plus tomorrow lol

  2. reading the comments made me realize how people love to complain and be nostalgic so much lmfao, then just stick to your devices what is so hard about that

  3. They need a gameplay like tenkaichi 2 or 3 and introduce all the new characters in it. The xenoverse games are too arcade-ish and shallow. The hand to hand combat is terrible. There’s nothing to it except smash the square button until you win.

  4. I feel like this game barely tajes skill. It's very visually impressive, but I need another Burst Limit with a crazy roster

  5. i was so hype with the battle system of xenoverse but they had to make it some sort of an rpg game… strolling around the city is really weird…

  6. To the people that are saying that nothing has changed please tell me how the game could be changed without breaking it or using all of its space.

  7. I hope they add a lot of parallel quests. I get bored doing the same ones. and hope they increase xp each time cause it took forever just to get to level 99. I think drops should come with special buffs like 25%or more like ki boost or attack,stamina, supers,health.i really didn't like some of the clothing felt like the stats on them took away from my character abilitys. Maybe even up the level cap. letting us make our character really strong.

  8. dragonball needs a full fledged open world multiplayer rpg game with 50 gb data size, with the whole earth in the game and random alien invading for co-op participation

  9. Burst Limit 2 needs to come out with all of the characters this time. If they do that then that will be the best Dragon Ball game

  10. cool it looks like you can stay in Super Saiyan 3 for a lot longer I kind of wish they kept the super energy blast spamming thing though cuz that made it really easy to get things like alternate costumes and skills and stuff in the parallel quests.

  11. Um I might have missed something but I think they said after you transform there would be no ki drainage in terms of a timer unless you use ki related moves but after 1:44 i noticed the ki draining slowly even when he is not doing anything??? Can someone refer me to the news I think I missed??

  12. Eu queria ver a água se abrir quando eles estivessem próximos lutando ou voando, queria ver abrir fendas na terra e ver montanhas despedaçarem. Mas infelizmente os desenvolvedores ainda acham que estão fazendo jogos para PS2, eu só lamento por essa falta de vontade dos desenvolvedores

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