Dragon Ball Z LEGACY OF GOKU 2 Part 1 – TFS Plays

We have SURVIVED the storm of pain and dive into one of the BEST Dragon Ball games, Legacy of Goku 2 for the GBA! The American-developed entry starts strong! Don’t miss this Faulconer-ridden nostalgia bomb!

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45 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z LEGACY OF GOKU 2 Part 1 – TFS Plays

  1. 2:30
    Gohan: I want you to use you're melee attack to break stuff.
    Trunks breaks rock with Ki Blasts

  2. Did you know that in the manga of history of Trunks, Trunks went Super Saiyan before Future Gohan died? And also, when Gohan lost his arm in the manga, instead of having one senzu bean, he had none. I know, they changed some pretty big parts to the story in the anime.

  3. I'm kinda impressed by how (more or less) accurate the dialogue between Future Gohan and Trunks is to the tv special

  4. Ya know… Mr. Satan and Future Trunks have a lot in common… Both of their teachers were killed in front of them… Aaannndd… That's about it…

  5. Starting from the "History of Trunks" special to kick-off the entire game that centers around the Android Saga?

    is almost like they don't have Akira around to mess things up… *stare at Xenoverse*

  6. i miss this game now that i see it here, can someone link the game to me please i wna give it a go someone help me get it please :3

  7. The way they're pronouncing Freeza with the i in it makes me think of what you'd get if Freeza and Fry from Futurama did the fusion dance.

  8. Son Gohan, son of Son Goku and grandson of Gohan…
    Shame Son Gohan broke the chain by not naming his child Son Pan.

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