Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Quick Mods

Modded Stuff: 1- Lighting Aura 2- Extreme Health 3- Pose Mod 4- Max Attack and Defense Should you ever find this video, it’s pretty outdated since it was 2 …

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19 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Quick Mods

  1. Hey man can you show me your mods or how to access them man? I would really appreciate it and would love to get some knowledge on how to do it. ShadowRunner 2730

  2. This aura mod, is it possible to use it on different characters?
    And also I noticed the shadows in DW4 is bugged xD do you know if there is any fix for it?

  3. i found the address and values for health and musou but they change as soon as i go back in game, why is that? did it happen to you at first? also what address/value is the aura too? did that h

  4. hey heres an update, so im working with dw4 hyper, and i found to mod health and musou but it jsut changes back when i change it, also how to do the aura?

  5. i just cant find what to do in cheat engine to do this, anyone can help me? please its been killing my brain haha, i found how to find health, but when i try to change it, it jsut changes back to what it was when i go back in game

  6. Hello Capt, How are you? Actually I'm starting to play this awesome game again now and in the other video I saw all of your characters have 6 item slots, could you please share it to us Capt? and Is the max health mod showed in the video saveable? Thanks in advance Capt, you're really Great 🙂

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