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This is an old video I forgot to post about the unboxing of my ebay turbo kit for a ka24e

The turbo kit itself was about $550 but I’ve spent about $1200 in the whole turbo build. the kit does not come with everything you need.

Turbo is still putting in work so its survived longer then I thought lol


source: https://noviway.com

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15 thoughts on “EBAY TURBO KIT UNBOXING !

  1. what would you recommend? spending more on a complete (everything, turbo manifold and everything) or one like this and getting the rest seperatly

  2. Had a look at the kit on eBay saw $479 and thought wow that that's actually pretty good but then I looked at the shipping $399 shipping aw HELL NOOO you can keep dat shit all to yourself

  3. Great review bro👍 i just did one, but not a turbo product…would still be awesome for any one wanting to upgrade their D21 shifter & knob. Take care, i know it's been a while bro hope you been doing good. Glad u decided to keep the truck. By the way i am going to be making shirts n stickers soon…so like i promised i got a shirt with your name on it.👍

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