eBay Update: What Managed Payments Look Like!

Wondering what the back-office of eBay’s new managed payments system looks like? Wondering how often eBay will pay you out with managed payments? I show you a sneak peak of eBay’s managed payments here.

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19 thoughts on “eBay Update: What Managed Payments Look Like!

  1. I hear that Square is the company that manages the payments, so I am fine with that. They manage my payments when I sell in person and I have never had an issue.

  2. It is not every thing in one place!, since you have to keep paypal and your bank account open as well as ebay, if you want to stay on top of things.
    Ebay takes shipping charges for usps from your paypal still with managed payments, so that needs to be kept stocked with cash and if you want to see when cash hits your bank account you'll have to monitor that as well. Everything in one place? Are we extra thick?

  3. Do not sign for new .MPS!
    It's a scam!
    After you sign, they restrict your items visibility and try to made you buy a promotions to get sales back!

  4. Hey Paul, I got MC011 restriction, should I send eBay the invoices with buyer's address or should I inspect the code and change it to my name and address? knowing that eBay can see from tracking numbers that I don't ship from my address? pls help if you have info on this

  5. Hi, a US permanent resident apply to be tax exempt? In other work, do you need to be US citizen to apply for Tax Exempt?

  6. I signed up for Managed Payments on August 15th and immediately stopped getting money in Paypal after a sale. I just got my first payment 5 days later. So it is officially worse than Paypal jail.

  7. Hello Paul, I have received an MC011 restriction on July 24 and eBay told me to upload tracking numbers NOT send those numbers to them, so I did and solved all cases opened, and replied to their email on Aug 9 telling the that I did the required steps, but still didn't hear anything from them.what should I do and what should I expect ? (I'm still above standard btw)

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  9. Paul thank you for the info, to be honest, I am using PayPal only too. I do not accept cards too is that right? I am doing that due to the fraud coming up every day. What is your suggestion on that topic?

  10. Ha ha, that thumbnail makes it look like someone completely different. I clicked here not knowing if it was Paul or not.

  11. Hey paul in the course I'm around lesson 4.6 and I tried to use sku fetch .. I had an issue so I'm trying to use dsm tool and I was wondering if u had any in depth videos on how to set up dsm tool ?

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